I Have Always Wanted To Remove My Shirt On Really Hot Days

Honestly, thinking about gardening topless makes me smile and sigh.  I can only imagine how much cooler I would be without a shirt stuck to my skin. 

sweetmix sweetmix
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7 Responses Feb 13, 2010

And you should also.. Do what you like

Just do it and worry about the consequences later. Peace and have fun

Mmm yes it would be nice to see you topless in the garden.

How about just an itsy bitsy bikini top

Moving to south Florida is probably your only chance,

How delightful, CT! You made me laugh. I can't imagine that a country which sallow me to expose my breasts in a non-sexual manner would penalize (yep, intentional!) you for an indecent bulge, as long as you exhibited it in a non-sexual way! You could do that, couldn't you? :)

About 15 years ago the supreme court ruled it discriminatory to require women to wear tops if men don't need to, so long as it was done in a non-sexual manner. We men hoped that it would lead to topless sunbathing on beaches but it just didn't happen. <br />
<br />
Feel free to come to my house and help with the gardening, topless. You won't be arrested, but then I might be charged for an indecent bulge.