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My Sister And My Vacation

This summer my sister and i went on a trip to a family reunion. We left our hubbies at home, mine taking care of my 3 kids. Linda doesn't have any kids so she didn't have to worry about it. Now her and I have cucked our hubbies for a long time. We knew we would be ******* guys when we got up there. But on the trip we had to stop for a rest for the night. we found a club close to the hotel. We both love black men so we flirted with several. As it turned out we ended up with 4 of them in our room for the night. (by the way what made me think of writing this one of the guys finally sent a pic of us and i have posted it.) Any way they took turns on Linda and me all night long. well not quite all night we did need to get some rest for the trip so we kind of kicked them out about 3 in the morning. we were both well ****** and went to sleep right after they left. Yeah we had *** all over and in us but we have slept like that before. we woke up about 9 am and showered. funny when Linda and i take a shower together we tend to play so we each gave an ****** to each other then dried off and we were on our way. I am hoping some more of the guys will send pics so i can share them with u.
beth1980 beth1980 26-30, F 65 Responses Aug 17, 2011

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My wife agrees with you. She only wants to be shared with black men and I enjoy sharing her.

Lucky guys and even luckier husbands

So hot - thanks!

My sisters and I do road trips leaving families behind and like to do same

how often do you and sis play with each other?

when ever we get a chance

So hubbies don't know that they are being cucked?

they actually do

Good that they're man enough to accept being cucked :) It seems to be more and more common these days for men to stay home and look after the kids while wives are out with their lovers or boyfriends.

Friend me and I'll so you a pathetic excuse of a cocktail

loved the story & the pics r just marvelous (if u have more pics from that night pls post them)

I have an image of you plastered with *** while you fell asleep. HOT!

best way to sleep

super hot story... loved it

How great to be able to share something like that!

Your sister and you are a exciting pair of ladies.I hope we'll be hearing more from you.
Will you add me as a friend? Thank you.

Beth, outstanding story . I appreciate woman that own their sexuality, not hide from it for fear of what society will say. Yoi and your sister sound like a lot of fun. Does she have an EP account to? None the less, I will follow you and your updatez.

always have been very sexual. as for my sis she is linda1982 on here.

She's very beautiful too

Incredible story, I believe my ***** needs a vibrator now!

Love to hear of your adventures! Gets me hard... Please add...

Summer of 2012 is wrapping up.... tell us about your hottest adventure!

That is so hot. Glad you and your sis get to have fun together.

ahhh, a company of adventurers! Would love an add to see your posted pic!<br />

add me I want to see your hot pics.

Great story! I would be honored to be added as a friend.

That whats up!

Wonderful story beth. I wish my wife and her sister would something like that. I'd love to see the picture. Please post more about your experiences.

Sounds like my sister!!!

Do yo tell your man of your adventure when you get back home and make him eat out your *****! Love it when my wife does that!


Very hot story

Beth this was a fabulous erotic encounter for you and Linda. I found your story enthralling and very stimulating. And you and Linda giving each other an ****** in the shower in the morning topped off a superb sexy story. <br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing the experience.<br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />
<br />

Kudos to both of you for "taking the bull by the horns" and letting your hair down. I would bet the following day was quite relaxing and full of "we should do that agains."

oh u said it. we loved it

Wonderful you and sis had a great night!!

There is truly nothing better for a lady than to be pounded by good black ****

i agree

wow, wish you would take my wife on a trip and teach her how to bring her inner **** out!

oh we could do that. inner **** and teach her some girl/girl stuff to.

I know you would teach his wife to be A good **** for her hubby after A week lol.