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South Africa During The Apartheid Era. Interracial Sex Was Illegal

This is the first time she had African ****, this happened in the late eighties in south Africa, about 4 months after we were married. She was 23. I was 32. It was very very illegal and big taboo in south Africa for a black and white to sleep together
"he was our garden boy, 16 years old. I had noticed the bulge in his pants when the wife was sun tanning,
he always wore a loose fitting sports pants and no underwear."
"she was sun tanning next to our pool on a very hot Saturday morning in a very very
skimpy bikini. I had noticed him staring at her when he thought I was not looking"
"she was moving around on the sun lounger, I noticed her sort of spreading closing her
legs rubbing lotion on her **** etc, when she was on her tummy she had the top off and a few times turned around, he was watching."
I saw her going down to the kitchen for what I thought was a drink, I went down to see what was going on.
I came up behind her and grabbed her ****, she just moaned and leant back into me
I put my hand down her bikini bottom and she actually spread her legs moaning, she was very wet and slick.
I jokingly said to her that she had been looking at his big ****
she moaned and hoarsely said yes, I said would you like that big kaffir **** in you
again she whispered hoarsely yes, I turned her around and asked if she wanted to do this, did she want to be ****** by a kaffir, she nodded yes and walked to our bedroom dropping her bottom and taking her top off
"I had that feeling in my gut, I was light headed, my heart was pounding, thinking she would change
her mind, damn he was a kaffir. Her parents, especially her dad really detested them, hated them with a vengeance. I called him."
"he looked a bit scared as he came to the door, I noticed the bulge was still in his pant, a
bit bigger than before, he must have been spying on us in the kitchen."
I said to him come in and I saw him look at the floor where her bikini bits were lying
I walked into the room first, she was lying naked, legs spread, playing with her *****, she smiled at him
he said oh oh no baas I must go big trouble big trouble
I had to grab his arm, his **** was hard, a real tent in his trousers
he looked at me again, I said go, its ok, the missus wants you to lie with her, go
"he slowly pulled his pants down, damn he was big it sprang free, bouncing
the room smelt of sex already"
he climbed on the bed, got between her legs
he put his **** head in her, then slowly pushed and he looked at me
"she moaned out load and said oh god oh god I have a kaffir **** in me oh god **** it
feels so good oh yes its so good please **** me please **** me hard "
"he started slowly and build his speed up, she was delirious, shaking her head
the sound was loud, I was rock hard"
he went longer than I thought he would he was going , ramming into her hard
he then rammed in hard and held it, I saw his arse twitching, I suddenly realising he was pumping his seed deep into her
she was saying, oh yes *** baby *** in me please

p.s. there is a pic of her on my profile
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I just loved your story Hope you have more .I love white woman having sex with black men

Great storie my wife also like to **** other men

another ****

That MUST have been almost as hot for you as it was certainly for her. The first time I watched a hung black man stuff my wife full of his ****, I almost shot off in my pants without even touching it. Had I rubbed or touched it, I know I would have made a super mess.

Great Story!!!

the most wonderful experience a white woman could ever have!

Lovely story and I like things like this. Awesome



one hot wife tell us more

wowowowowowo<br />
super amazing <br />
We are in jhb

Very hot!!

Hot experience. Nelson M would have been proud of you!


Amazingly hot! Did you eat her out afterwards?