Are Black Men More Into White Married Moms

I remember when my mom was walking home from the Mall from shopping.
My dad was at work and I was with my mom I was 14 years old at the time.

But when we were walking by this house there was about 4 people by the grey car all black men in the early 20's.

This guy seen my mom and went over to her and stoped mom and asked mom her age "mom said 32 why".

He asked mom you live here " just up the street" he put his hands on moms hipps and said why don't you come on in my house for a bit and my buddy will look after your kids wile I have fun with you for about a hour in my living room.

Mom walked away and she said when mom left "let me undress you and **** you for a bit " mom told him to **** off the other guys laught at mom and told mom you would look nice with nothing on.

This guy who wanted to **** my mom was married him self.

3 days latter when my dad left for work to work the back shift mom went to she mall around 7:00pm
I was stayed home playing my Super Nintendo.

Buddy forgot about me in the house he told moWhen mom was walking home this same black guy seen my mom and confronted my mom agian his wife was home also but he lower my mom into his house.

When I seen what was going on I seen my mom was standing infront of this guy naked wile ************ to him wile his wife was feeling my mom up also he made mom crawl up to him and made mom give him a "blow job" mom did I seen moms head moving up and down slowly buddy was loving my mom "big time"

He made my mom stand up and ********** with her hair covering her face soon after he got mom on her hands and knees and started ******* my mom until he cummed.

I see mom walking to the washroom with his *** covering his face wile his wife was walking my mom to the washroom
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But to answer your question yes they are more into white women

That was cool i would of liked to be her lol. barbie