Watching Black Men Sleep With Your White Wife

Do you enjoy watching Black men sleep with your white wife? 

"There are white men who will pay you to **** their wives. They approach you and say, 'How would you like to a **** a white woman? 'What is this? you ask. 'On the up-and-up,' he assures you. 'It's all right she's my wife. She needs black rod, is all. She has to have it. It's like a medicine or drug to her. She has to have it. I'll pay you. It's all on the level, no trick involved. Interested? You go with him and he drives you to their home. There is a certain type who will leave you and his wife alone and tell you to pile her real good. After it is all over, he will pay you and drive you wherever you want to go. Then there are some who like to peep at you through a keyhole and watch you have his woman...or lie under the bed and listen to the creaking of the bed as you work out. There is another type who likes to ********** while he stands beside the bed and watches you pile her. There is the type who likes to eat his woman up after you get through piling her. And there is the type who only wants you to pile her for a little while, just long enough to thaw her out and kick her motor over and arouse her to heat, then he wants you to jump off real quick and he will jump onto her and together they can make it from there by themselves." - Eldridge Cleaver, Soul on Ice

What is it that you enjoy about having a Black man sleep with your white wife. There are a lot of groups on the Experience project that seem to focus on this type of sexual relationship between white women and Black men. Historically, Black men and white women haven't always had sexual access to one another, but white men have always had sexual access to Black women. Why do you think we see so many stories about this pairing between white women and Black men and how does this relate to history?  What is it about this pairing that excites some married white men and do you think that it's stereotyping or demeaning to portray Black men as Mandingo?

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4 Responses Jan 28, 2012

Hmm! Sleep? No way my wife gets any sleep when our black bull comes over! I love watching but want to be locked in chastity so I can't ***. Drives me up the wall! Love it!

i dont thing it is degrading...and if it were ,, would be degrading me...that he could give her more than i can...i like to read detailed seems in most that i have read...the white woman becomes totally submissive to her black lover...i like to read how his big black **** stretches her tiny little white ***** she does things for him she wouldnt do before...or how he talks dirty to her...and she him...i also like the humilation of him walking around with that huge black pipe swinging ...i like to ******* while watching ...i would evn .liked to be cucked by them...

know since i starting ******* black men that is all i want. i always have ****** when they **** me

me too

I like hearing women feel totally filled up and satisfied by black ****. I feel like my little white **** is too small anyway (5 inches). Hearing them moan from being deep ****** kind of turns me on. I even fantasize about cleaning up the ********!

How often do you hear the white women say she encountered a black man with a small dyck. On these boards they are always hung. I have had EXs tell me how they keep running into guys with small ones. Maybe it's a perception and not reality. What's big to most white is average to a lot of black females. Nope, not small here at all. But not what you all call huge. It's how you use it. She will tell you it feels like 10inches when it's only 8. She will call you on the phone and say I want some of that Moby dyck. Don't have to be hung. Just work it and she will a *** crawling.