Sharing My Wife With The Black Male Population

I have shared my wife with all my black coworkers and one Puerto Rican coworker.
Anytime I get into a conversation with a black man. I would always try to find out if you'd looking to **** a white woman if he was as bring the conversation as to I know where he can get one. Of course it would always be my wife. Sometimes I would tell him it was my wife. Other times I would. But I always got real excited when I knew a black man was going to be ******* my wife bareback.

My nympho maniac wife passed away in 08 I moved a woman in with me that is serving black man she did not work out. Not my type. I have a younger good-looking woman, named tomorrow. I hope I talk to her on the phone today. She seemed to be exactly what I'm looking for. Let's hope things work out. I support white women who **** black man 100%. I have always supported this from the time I was a teenager and continue supporting it to the day I die. A lot of these white husbands have no idea what they're missing by having black man involved in their marriage. Good luck to all
jcomerford jcomerford
36-40, M
Feb 27, 2012