My Wife Meet A Blackman On Holiday In The Caribbean.

One the best and worst holidays I ever had. We made friends with some locals in the neighbourhood where we rented and saw them almost daily. After a few days my wife started exploring the island by herself with a local, she started by going out for half a day but towards the end of the holiday she was coming in very late. I guessed she was having sex with him but didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to ruin her fun as I could see that she was in a much happier mood. They still keep up a long distance relationship over the net and we frequently holiday there I also told her she could take up a lover closer to home if she wants.
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Good for her, and know deep inside you love it too. What island? As you know by our stories, we have had luck on two islands. In fact, leaving this weekend for our annual trip down. Wish your wife would tell you exactly what went on so we could all enjoy.

Yes it was Barbados, will take a look at your experience.

Great, which island? We have had great experiences in the carribean..

This sounds okay to me. Nice of you to approve since she was going to do it anyway.

I did feel a little lonely at first but I could see a great improvement in her mood so I think it was worth it.

That was an exciting holiday!

If she's excited then I'm excited...