White Men Should Support White Women And Black Men Getting Together

What better way to heal the aftermath of so much pain from our country (slavery, segregation, equal rights) than to promote the acquaintance-ship, or even romance, between black men and white women of high standing? Could there not be a concerted program to bring about the (sexual) friendships blossoming naturally between white women (whether wives, or teenagers, whatever situation) and black men of suitable strong personality or virile temperament? This could be the next step forward in the redemption of our nation on the sexual and racial dimensions.

Why not try a deliberate program of date nights. This must be free-will and win-win for our whole country. Bridge-building means that white "chicks" hook up with the black guy of their wishes. In fact, I would like to see the government subsidize and promote such a program to encourage white women and black men to 'hook up', socialize and get married and have children. This would certainly help bring racial unity between black and white as well as abolish the concept of white privilege.

One argument against the proposal is that most likely, unions between white women and black men would just become naturally more common anyway, now that racism is openly frowned upon. Of course, romantic love is already increasing at a dizzying pace between white women and black men. But it would be so much better if more white men are seen to support and promote this as well, which would definitely help in increasing more white women and black men friendships, romance, sexuality and marriage. White women and black men are already doing their part in helping dispell racism and promote racial unity in our country. But white men have a responsibility to, and they can do as much for this in the way of helping white women hook up with black men. I was in a large urban city a few weeks ago, and I saw many white women with black boyfriends, husbands and in many cases, with bi-racial children. It is a wonderful thing. If recent trends predict future ones, then the new world will hopefully be a better one.

On the other hand, getting the full force of society to positively encourage white women and black men to be together is simply the right thing to do. Racism as codified into law (ie: Segregation policy) was really a paranoid reaction by white supremacist sentiment (supported by white males at the time) to forcibly 'protect' the sanctity of white womanhood from black men. A program to encourage the opposite (white women with black men) is justified considering the historical context. As white men instituted the official policy of Segregation in our nation to keep the white and black races apart, I think white women are doing a great job at instituting an unofficial policy of Integration in our country, by proactively taking the initiative in developing friendships and romances, which then leads to further Integration of marriage, sex, and mating between white women and black men.

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2 Responses May 5, 2012

Where do the black women and white men fit into your "vision"?

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