Which One?

Which white female actress or celebrity would you think would look absolutely sexy with a black guy, or who would you like to see date a black man?

Of course, I believe all white female celebrities would look good with a black guy, but if I had to choose one, I would say Kristen Stewart. I think she would look totally hot with a black guy!
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6 Responses May 15, 2012

My number one choice would be Scar Jo. That round bubble butt, those ripe full **** and sensual plump lips. I'd love to see her not with a hot black stud but a mean-looking muscular tar-black guy.Beauty and the beast. Hot to def.

yah more Black guyz wif white jewish girls! =D

Kate Beckinsale...in them fine *** black latex pants on Underworld movies! Damnn!

I would like to say that as a Black guy all these choices are wonderful! However we seem to speak of black guys as accessories for these scrumptious women,forgetting that we have a magical way of making these beauties feel like real women,we make them laugh,giggle and ooze their femininity,not forgetting that after an evening with the stars that there'll be more stars flying around their heads when they get home!!!<br />
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The other factor is that their are more and more black men as producers,agents and businessmen,which is an essential part in attracting these angels.....they rarely pic postmen,teachers or truck drivers as a partner...joking,postmen are great guys!<br />
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I'd be on top of the world if chosen by Pippa,she's full of energy and very sensuous,just having her grab my arm would be enough,let alone grabbing something else!

I think Reese Witherspoon and AJ Cook, from Criminal Minds, would look hot filled with a big black *****.

megan fox

Olivia Wilde...my hubby thinks she's the hottest woman on tv...so, I set a picture of myself in a brown bikini on top of the tv and asked him, "Now who do you think is the hottest woman on tv?"...needless to say I got a big grin, a nice kiss, pulled onto his lap, a little slap on my butt and things got hot and steamy...lol he doesn't say she's the hottest woman on tv anymore, he just says "I think she is so hot".