My Very First

Black men are my ultimate weakness. I don't discriminate against anyone, but they are my true preference. Especially a black dude with dreads.. Holy ****, my ***** gets wet by just looking at them. The first black guy I ever had sex with had long dreads that were dyed blonde at the tips. He was about six foot six.. complete muscle, with the sexiest southern drawl. He also happened to be the starting wide receiver of a football team that will remain nameless. That fact alone would get his **** sucked by me. I sought him out on Facebook, knowing that a million girls did the exact same thing. I had to somehow separate myself from the rest. The first message I sent him was very simply stated. I had never ****** a black man before, and I wanted him to be my first.  He replied almost immediately asking when. We made plans for me to go to his place late night. He definitely had a girlfriend that I needed to steer clear of, and I definitely didn't give a ****. The fact that everyone knew his name and who he was turned me on unbelievably bad. I also found it a turn on that we clearly had nothing in common but pure physical attraction toward one another. He was a big black football player who I could barely understand when he talked. Half the time I needed a translator because he talked like such a gangster. And that was freaking sexy. The first night I went there I introduced myself, and was on my knees within minutes. His **** was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. Huge, thick and black.. It looked like it was going to tear my ***** open. I had never seen a penis so enormous. I couldn't wait to get it in my mouth. When it came time for him to slide it inside of me I was a little nervous. But looking as his muscles and his dreads hanging over me, my ***** took his huge **** right in. Nothing had ever felt so good as his big black **** deep inside of me. I told him I could take it, and he started to **** me like crazy. I was mesmerized watching his thick **** pounding in and out of my tight pink *****. It wasn't only his size that was a turn on. It was a combination of everything.. How he manhandled me, the **** he was saying. I came all over his **** 4 times that night. But he was just the beginning of my addiction. That man literally created a monster out of me. But it wasn't only me who couldn't get enough. We continued to secretly **** for the next 4 years whenever he was in town. Each time was even more dirty then the previous. Seven years later, and I still love nothing more than to get nailed by a big black ****. I like to give that sexy dreaded football player the credit for my specialty in black ****;)
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hot story. please add me

I get the impression you enjoyed that first experience.

This is hot!!!!!

Hot story. I'm with you girl. My black lover is so damn good, I would never go back to white. They are clinical, by the book, 1+1=2 boring! Black men screw with their whole mind and body, it's absolutely intoxicating. I know the addiction. Here's to knowing the difference. Ciao.

Keep giving the white guys a try also, OK? Thanks.

very hot!

Don't ignore white men with Big *****, I've a 9 incher - let's b friends!!!

as long as you dont ignore women who dont have enormous ****;) i may only be a C cup but i have never had any complaints. look at my pics and see for yourself, hehe.



Will you be getting a "Queen of Spades" tattoo to signify to all interested blackmen that you pledge allegiance to BBC 4 Life?


lol i wasnt aware that signified my love of black ****? you learn something new every day

Lol wow!! Great story!! Where can i find a amazing beautiful woman like you!! With all that perfect *** and long beautiful hair!!

hehe, we are hard to find..but we are def out there.

Smokin hot story baby, would love to hear more about your hot encounters with the football player and his big black ****!

that will be my next story..just for you;)

He should be honoured. Do Black guys also make good bfs or just good lovers?

the best lovers... and my ex of 6 years was black. ended up cheating on me and getting another ***** pregnant. i dont blame that on him being black tho.. i blame it on him being an immature man who didnt know how good he had it until it was gone. id have to say they make for pretty sexy boyfriends. just be prepared to get lots of dirty looks from all of the jealous haters out there.

I expect many types of looks as the Black Man would be the lover of my white gf. Everyhting from jealousy, through rage to disgust and envy

Hot story. Would love to hear all the **** he said to you. Too bad he didnt share you with his friends.

hehe, that is too bad. i dont think id be able to turn down getting gang banged by a bunch of black men with huge, thick *****. the opportunity has never presented itself, sadly.

That would be hot. Hey can you add me I would love to see your pics.

i live it too girl!

Your stories are incredibly hot and well written. I love them. Perhaps you could add me.

Very hot and sexy story...i love your passion to be filled with a black ****. thanks for sharing...keep it coming!

Will do, baby. I'm talking to a very sexy black man at the moment. As soon as we **** I'm spilling every detail, hehe.

Thats ******* sexy, would love to see you taking black ****

Hot story, very well written. If you are half as skilled at ******* as you are at writing, it's no mystery why this guy kept coming back for more. ;)

Writing is my third best talent;)

lol...I bet. ;)

Great story! I just love getting thug ****** by a black man.

'Thug ******,' omg I love it! I'm totally using that from now on woman ;)

yup, "thug ******" pretty much describes how I feel after a black man gets what he wants and I dam sure get what I want