My Mother-in-law Becomes A Black **** ****

My previous story documented how I came to **** my hot mother-in-law. Eleanor is a beautiful 65 year old classy elegant woman who looks 15-20 years younger. We **** quite often and she's become increasingly adventurous in bed. My goal is to turn her into a real **** and have her **** other men and eventually to be gang banged.

Since my wife Bonnie worked as a realtor, she often worked long hours especially at night. This afforded me many opportunities to **** her mother Eleanor. One night I brought along a **** dvd for us to watch as we ******. Eleanor was absolutely gorgeous that night. She wore an expensive low cut black dress , black seamed stockings, and garter belt. She had on long dangling earrings, red lipstick and expensive pearls that highlighted her big breasts. Her thick silver gray hair was swept back. She was stunningly beautiful. My **** was rock hard the minute I walked in the door.

We kissed passionately and she reached for my hard ****. God Allen, she said, I want you to **** me hard tonight. Of course I was more than willing. The dvd I brought was of a real amateur white wife ******* a well hung black guy. When the movie showed the wife unzipping the guy's pants and sucking his massive ****, Eleanor audibly gasped. My God, she said, his **** is huge. I asked her if she ever had a **** that big. Heavens no , she said. She couldn't take her eyes off the guy's ****. We had some of the hottest sex ever. She kept begging to be ******.

3 weeks later I had to go to Atlanta on business and Eleanor came along with me. I set my plan in motion. I made a connection on line with a 45 year old black man named Justin. Justin had a huge **** and specialized in ******* married white women who crave big black *****. I sent him an email along with a picture of Eleanor and he agreed to meet us.

After checking in the hotel and having dinner, Eleanor and I went down to the club in the hotel for a few drinks and some dancing. Eleanor is very wealthy and always dresses in a classy manner. She had an expensive black suit that had a short skirt that highlighted her sexy long legs. She wore a white low cut blouse that really showed her big boobs. She wore no panties so I could finger her ***** in public. We danced several slow dances and I kept rubbing my hard **** against her body. We had a booth in the corner and I would reach under the table and finger her *****. She was really getting hot.

Finally Justin showed up and I waved him over to our table. I introduced him as a friend and he slid into the booth next to Eleanor. We shared small talk and a glass of wine. Soon, Justin asked Eleanor to slow dance and she agreed. He led her to the dance floor and soon he pulled her closer to him. He definitely could feel Eleanor's huge breasts pressing against him and I'm sure she could feel his hard black ****. They came back to booth and Eleanor definitely looked flustered. When Justin went to the rest room, Eleanor told me he told her she was very sexy and that she could feel his hard **** while dancing. She said it was huge! I said, Eleanor you know I'm okay with what happens with you and Justin. I think he wants to **** you. OMG she said I've never had a black man or a **** that big. When Justin returned I suggested we all go back to our room for another round of drinks.

Once there Eleanor and Justin embraced and kissed passionately. This classy elegant woman was about to get her first big black ****. Justin ordered Eleanor to get on her knees and suck his big ****. She readily complied. Suck it *****, Justin said. Justin began ******* her face for more than 10 minutes. Finally he shot a huge load into her pretty mouth.Justin then ordered Eleanor to lick any remaining *** off his **** which she did. He then threw her on the bed. Get on your knees *****, he said, I'm going to **** your white ***** from behind with my big black ****. Beg for it ***** he shouted. Oh God please **** me, **** me hard she said. His massive **** gradually entered her sopping wet ***** from behind. Then he rammed all 10 inches. Oh ****, it's ******* huge, Eleanor screamed. **** me **** me, she said. This beautiful elegant woman was turning into a **** before my eyes. Justin kept pounding her ***** almost violently. He was taking Eleanor to a level of ecstasy I never could. You're a hot white *****, Justin said, I bet you've been craving a big black **** for a long time. **** yea, Eleanor screamed, please **** me hard, pound my *****. I thought Justin would rip her ***** apart with his big ****.Then he shot another hot load of *** into her *****. Get on your knees and suck my **** clean *****, Justin commanded Eleanor still wore her wedding ring even though she'd been widowed for 2 years. She, like most white wives, was eagerly becoming submissive to this black stud. After cleaning his **** with her mouth Justin told her to bend over the bed. I'm going to rape you in the *** *****. Eleanor reluctantly obeyed.  He then rammed his massive **** into her virgin ***. Eleanor screamed, oh god **** it's big. Oh god **** me, rape me with you big black ****, she said. He pounded his big **** into her *** relentlessly. Eleanor had ****** after ******.

More to come later.
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u are such a good son in law