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Why would anyone stop Women becoming or holding much higher position in the CLERGY when they can also handle or become like those MEN in the CLERGY? I don't understand really why this is always an issue to all MEN in the highest places and when the women comes in everyone think that the inner circle of men is in trouble because women is now in the circle.
Well I am the person that doesn't believe in that because for me women is equal to men meaning we cannot function with out them and also think that women is very much capable of what men works or do,maybe in the other things like hard work area of course it matters to men like us but for the intelligent and other things why we dont give them a chance to be there and let see what it would be,now a days in different parts of the WORLD Women become LEADERS,PRIME MINISTERS PRESIDENTS,Legislators,but why not CLERGY?
Hmmmm its amazing why its not yet given to them nor allowing them to be right?
If women can married the same sex like men then im sure later on in the years to come we will heard that women can become a CLERGY and one day we will hear some of them too.
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Most religious have it set that it is the man/husband that leads and controls the family. ba<x>sed on that concept alone, it is implied that God is a man and therefor holds the position of highest authority. (A view that I have come to no longer agree with)<br />
<br />
Most religious, including the LDS, use this to place men in charge and to have the women fall below them in servitude. Claiming equality is nothing but hollowed words, the actions and rules show the truth. Women are looked upon as slaves, worthy of only following a man and obeying him blindly.<br />
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I was told that I would marry and become a true Mormon wife, to become the mother of a new generation who would all eventually look upon their father as a God. I would have my married sealed to him and share the title of wife with as many others as he wished. This was going to be my legacy and that of my children.There was no equality, only servitude. As long as there are religions like this around, and as long as there are women who accept this role, the pattern will never be broken.

Really thats really rear views but as i always respect each comments and view of others i will not argue why and what you believe but as you know i do support those equality issues then you know where i stand and maybe that would last a life time but one day everything would be change and Men will accpet that even it affects their EGO as well as the power they hold on and for those CHRISTIAN,MUSLIM,JEWS,ROMAN CATHOLICS time will change and we will see that WOMEN will hold the HIGHEST POSITION MEN dominated from the CENTURIES....

Tawan, I think you misunderstood my reply. I do not agree nor support the idea that women have a lower standing in any form. Without women there would not be a civilization for the men to fight over. All over the planet, the claims of equality made by men is nothing more than an idea that they use to gain support. The truth is that, again such as in the LDS, women are not equal and are actually move like slaves to mother the next generation and help elevate a man to what he believes to be his right... to be a God.

Ow thats more clear answer yes i misunderstood what you want to share,i thought being a Mormons you do not believe that WOMEN is capable holding highest religious offices or those dominated by MEN....

I was Mormon. I was told that I would have to marry and become a mother. The LDS claims that women are equals, but I was treated like property. Now things are clearer for me, I have seen what they did not want me, and others like me, to see. I am free and have learned to become my own person.

good for you to stand for what you believe Amanda

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