A Perfect Afternoon

Soon after arriving in the town we were to live in for a few years, we went exploring and found a lovely city park along the river.
We were standing on a high bank, just watching the river flowing by on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Occassionally a group of rafters would float by, or a few people on inner tubes. Then it happened. Something that would be life-changing.
A raft floated by that had three couples in it. Connected to that raft with a rope was a small raft with a keg of beer in it. All six people were casually topfree, laughing, drinking beer, and watching the beautiful world go by, apparently without a care in the world, and totally unconcerned that they were floating past a city park. We were particularly impressed with their care-free attitude. They seemed so, well, equal. You could tell from their conversation and jestures, even if you couldn't understand their soft-spoken words from that distance, that no one was dominating the conversation or trying to 'lead' the group. We on the other hand were both speechless.
We watched the raft float by, not saying anything to each other for a long while. I was thinking of something from long ago for a while, and finally said it to my partner, "Remember, back in high school, when the 'cool kids' would say, 'Hey man, let's go party."? Well, they didn't even know what it was really all about. They were totally clueless."
I'm not sure when it finally dawned on me that the six rafters were not merely topfree, but totally nude. They seemed so natural in their surroundings that the fact that they were nude seemed almost besides the point.
A week or so thereafter we discovered a nude beach along the river and started learning for ourselves, "what it was really all about."
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4 Responses May 8, 2012

Great story and yes it is beautiful to see people just being themselves with no pretenses.

As a couple who have enjoyed social nudity for years, we can appreciate the scene you observed. Good for you to seek out a location and begin to enjoy the freedom yourselves!

social nudism is paradoxically humbling and empowering at the same time, it is also wonderfully equalizing!

born free...so birthdays can be celebrated that way..come to my party but be honest ( do not cover) and feel free....