I think topless sunbathing is a kind of a part of our civilisation. I see the nearer to the west, the more girls and women are brave to pull their tops out of their breasts at the beach. I am glad, there is so many examples. I have read many stories about girls, women who started their experienced connected to topless sunbathing in their early teens, 14, 15 years old. It is in the one hand risky because of huge number of potential sexual predators, but why not try that fun. I think personally, the age is not important. It is nice that there is more and more brave girls in age of 14-15 and women about 30. Of course, we must be careful about local customs and rules. There are places, when you are able to be seen as curious while wearing top. I think especially about some regions of beaches in Spain(Calella, Palma di Mallorca), Italy(Corsica) and France(Cote d'Azur). But, you know there are some countries when topless is legally prohibited. I think about those states, when there is an islam dominating. Those are Albania and Turkey. In Poland f. e. you can get a ticket or even you can be led to the court when you are trying topless in outskirts of open swimming pools. There was a story of a couple of young women trying to topless sunbathe. They have tried to topless suntan at swimming pool "Ankorka" in Szczecin. There was an intervention of policemen, who talked them to pull the top on their breasts because of this is public pool. But there is more and more topless suntanning women and girls in Ustka, Świnoujście and Kolberg(Kołobrzeg). But, definitely the most of all those brave teenagers and young women prefers rather topless suntaning at their houses balconies or their private gardens or parcels, which are in the most example well exposed on the sun. I lknow alsIo topless is popular in Czech Republic(I have read story about 15 year old girl who topless swam at the closed swimming pool), Germany and Nordic states. I know there are countries when there are separated places at beaches, which are only set for topless tan. Personally, I see nothing wrong in topless suntan, even though there was only 14 years old girl topless sunbathing. I want you to say more. I read many stories about nude suntan. It is also nice that it is more and more popular. I think we must chase the reast of our continent. I can also observe that a nude tan is more and more popular among teenagers. It is nice, because I think it is a kind of tradition. And...sincerely speaking. first people had had to be naked all time.
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I support choice.

I've seen a problem is that women want to go topless, but then they become upset when people stare at them, they should have had that foresight to begin with, and be prepared for something like that.

BOOBS out;-) 100% agree