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I just recently turned sixteen, and I personally really enjoy walking around nude. I have started experimenting with it a bit recently, at parks and beaches and what-not – walking around totally nude, and I believe at the very least women should be able to be topless in public.
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thank you, isabelle; what is the big problem??

I kniw that this is an old post, but hiw did that work out for you? Did you ever get into any trouble with the police or others?d

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As a guy, I believe that is totally awesome that women want to go around topless. If this is a decision that is grounded in women's rights that's great- but you must understand that you cannot subvert human nature. By seeing these sexual objects (boobs) exposed, it will incite a hormonal response in 90% of men's brains, that if not bring about a *****, will at least mentally arouse them. This is an ingrained subconscious response, and if you don't expect to get 'dirty looks', think again. It's human nature.

I wouldnt mind for the most part

good girl, enjoy!!!

It's very liberating, isn't it? I guess, going topless for girls is akin to men going bottomless... well not really. But what I mean is... when I go skinny dipping in the ocean or lying on the beach... I feel so free. Sometimes the cool breeze passing between my legs is so invigorating. I suspect that if I lived in a culture that allowed men to go without pants on all the time, I would feel differently. It would be normal. So, in that sense... that's what I think a girl must feel like if she goes topless.

I think that women should be able to leave off their tops and, like men enjoy the comfort of feeling the sun and air on their bodies. As a life long nudist, I also long for the day to dawn when I can be naked where and when I want so to be. The human body is beautiful, but most of use choose to hide it. What a shame!

Nice girl! Come on far!

Good for you. Walking around naked is such an awesome feeling.

I agree. In fact awhile back, there was a woman going topless in downtown Vancouver, BC Canada and the police did nothing as they were not sure about a possible court ruling.

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It is good that you are comfortable with yourself.

i agree