Fair Is Fair!

Add me to the list that feels it's a woman's right to go topless in any location a man is accepted topless. When you consider that so many countries other than the USA do NOT place restrictions on women, who are the ones that are really backward?  As much as the USA likes to place itself at the top of "civilized" societies, we are so stupid in so many ways.  That applies to attitudes about the human body, in particular.  We insist that movies and TV show more and more of the human body, then restrict what can be seen on a beach, for instance.  We fear our children will see something we don't want them to see, but they're the ones going to online sites to observe naked bodies and sex acts.

A woman's breasts are designed for one task: feeding babies.  Go anywhere else in the world and a woman can breast feed her child in public without ridicule.  In the USA, she's likely to be arrested!  Is it because a woman's breasts are an erogenous zone?  That's one way to view it, but earlobes can be considered an erogenous zone as well.  Are we to insist they be covered as well? 
SwGaMan SwGaMan
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

I agree with you 100% any part of the female can be and are looked at as pleasure spots, should they all be forced to wear saris? Hell no.