Breasts Are Natural And Do Not Need To Be Covered.

Yep. breasts are natural and do not need to be covered. Women should be able to breast feed or just go topless like men. I have been to nude beaches when I was younger and that was fine. There is nothing indecent about the naked female breast. I have been in the science/medical field over 30 years and I have seen many, many breasts, and find nothing overtly sexual about the breast, so I see no problem with toplessness in society.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

It's a western culture thing. spent some time in Papua New Guinea where the word for Breast and milk is the same susu makes sense eh? But the inner thigh is considered a highly sexual area. Most women wear Jeans rather than dresses. Covers more and well... sad to see a country with so much potential going down the crapper!! AB