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I live in New York City. Here the law allows a woman to go topless any place a man can go topless.  Although they have the right, they rarely exercise it.  I've seen a few women go topless on the beach, but never in a park.  There was a topless day event in the city, but it drew more onlookers than participants. I'm begining to wonder how much women really want to go topless.
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Having said that I am all for woman having the right to go topless. How about you also give the right for males to wear dresses and heels if we want

It might be legal to go topless in NY but it is still illegal to create a disturbance. You can well imagine the disturbance you would get with women walking topless down Fifth Ave

I grew up where seeing a girl topless was normal or at least not frowned upon. I still keep in touch with a couple of the girls I grew up with. They have both stated that they still go topless or nude whenever possible because they miss the freedom of it. I think it should be legal. How many will do it? That's up to them but they should have the choice.

It is our culture. Too many people would look down on a woman going topless.

It's too cold.

Summer time is coming