However! Women Are Their Own Worst Enemy.

I too totally, 100% support women's rights, however!

I think it needs to be said that there are 2 women's camps, one that is extremely "masculine" that decided long ago that their symbol of "power" would be not their superior intelligence and great sense of common sense, but men's trousers, white shirts and ******** ties, admitting that "strength" was measured in traditional male clothing, and that traditional female clothing equated with all things somehow less than male.

The second camp wants to remain happily feminine and has no desire to put on trousers and become humans in the form of males.

Until women put their dresses back on and make their traditional clothing the symbol of strength and power, they will remain dependant on "masculine pants" to lead them and establish the rules.

Say what you want, humans are a race of beings that live according to symbols, i.e.; clothing and not ones qualities talents or knowledge.

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Respectfully, I disagree strongly. As a male, I work and associate with women veterans and survivors of military sexual trauma. Secondly, I suggest you read accounts of North Vietnamese women on NVN trail to the the south. Additionally I suggest you read the blog on SWAN, and check the military summit of April in WA DC.
Read Kayla William's book "Love My Rifle More Than You" . Also view the video "Lioness" I have been under arms with female partners that I trusted with my safety. I understand you may have strong resents toward certain persons, but do not lump my female counterparts with a prior history. Respectfully, chuck

Difficult to articulate here but there is never one blanket covers all and I suspect that you and me are actually talking about different topics. My opinions are based on 40 plus years as a social worker witnessing battered women consistently refuse to press charges and then run immediately back to their abuser! I am also speaking to how in every election where a woman sought the highest offices in the land, it is provable women who defeat these candidates, not men. There just never seems to be a woman that a majority of women will vote for over a man.

Yes lumps are reserved for sugar and not human beings. But I will stand by my statement that women by and large are their own worst enemies. They refuse to stick together and speak with one voice.

I agree with you on women being their own enemy..nothing steams me more thana woman who plays the femme fatale and won't stand on her own 2 feet..wants a man to support her instead of pulling her own weight...i don't think dress has anything to do with is the image you project.. trust me on that one..the men know who i am in my office...dress, pants or not..

I will shout this from the highest roof tops! "Women are and have been their own worst enemy"!

It has been women for centuries and centuries and even today, who have placed the power and domination in the hands of males because they have never ever been able to unite and speak with one voice. They have been and remain, "a house divided".

Women several years ago burned their bras and elected men's trousers as the symbol of power and strength, admiting that it was male pants that determined who leads and who follows, thus establishing themselves as the weaker gender because they didn't wear men's pants.

I submit that had women kept their bras on and instead of determining "power and dominations" along with equality on masculine "pants" and instead sought equality, power, even domination on the basis of their far superior intelligence and many other qualities without giving up that which most appealed to men, their femininity, they'd of already won the gender war!

Again, it was women who defeated themselves because a few women wanted to be men instead of women. They sought to force that lifestyle on the mass of women who liked being women and feminine, and cared for by men. This majority of women was not willing to trade their pretty panties for pants!

Society has always used symbols and labels for which most have any real knowledge of. For instance crossdressers are considered gay even though 92% of them are not. They are labeled ****, sissy, girlyboy, wimps and a whole sundre of other labels. Actually most are normal hard working americans such as but not limited to Police Officers, Firemen, Lawyers, Doctors and possibly a few indian chiefs. These are all considered masculine occupations, but put a dress or skirt on these same men the labels are immediately applied.

We need to QUIT the labeling and applying the symbols that only degrade us as a human.

Thank you Miss Hayes, you made my point better than me. "Women fought long and hard to gain the right to wear pants."

MALE pants being thus the symbol of strength and power and not brains and all the other qualities that make women far superior to males. You, not me, have decided that you can't be a "strong" person unless to make yourself look and act like a male.

This seems to me to be and admission of defeat right out the gate. Put your gender traditional clothing back on and take control of the world by not giving up your clothing, by using your brains not men's pants!

Princesses, I totally disagree. Dresses are clearly designed to make the wearer more feminine and weaker. I come form the camp that masculinity = power, this is not going to change. Women fought long and heard to gain the right to wear pants. We will not be going back to our dresses instead we will continue to take the power from you foolish men. When we are done you will be the feminine ones walking around in your pretty dresses and curtsying to us.