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All right, to be completely honest I am not at all into politics and I don't understand them very well either. However, I have been rather interested, as well as infuriated by a bill recently introduced. This bill, if passed, would require women seeking to terminate a pregnancy to have an ultrasound. Now, in my opinion an ultrasound goes hand in hand with a woman trying to have a baby. It has nothing to do with a woman who does not want to carry out a pregnancy, and therefore is entirely unnecessary. It disgusts me that this has even been proposed as a legitimate idea when it comes to abortion. Abortion itself is a decision that is difficult to make, but women still maintain the right to choose. Mandatory ultrasounds are pressuring women to change their minds about an already tough decision to make and cutting down OUR rights.
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They have to do ultrasounds when doing an choice is me...but I'm still disgusted when I seen a video of a 5 month gestation fetus getting cut up and sucked out of a women. The baby had its thumb in its mouth and as soon as that cutter and vacumn came in it jerked it's thumb out and looked like it was does play on your emotions and it should...I don't think it's cruel nor unfair when theirs a possibility of changing the mothers mind. Would she regret the abortion or the fact that she had that child...when getting an abortion it should be fully's wrong to think people shouldn't realize what they are actually doing. I remember getting pregnant at the age of 16...I had people telling me to get an abortion and people telling me not to...I was watching tv and a video came was by nick cannon I think called let me got me to thinking and I started researching abortion. I found a video of that five month old fetus being aborted...I realized that I would've made the worst decision of my life if I had went thru with it but I educated myself on the subject that's y I didn't. <br />
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Most women I've talked to that have had abortions say they regret it. I've never met a women who said getting her abortion was the right thing for her. I'm sure there are women that it was the right thing for them. But they should be fully aware of what they are doing an educated completely before making that decision.

I am ashame of how when the people are looking elsewhere. The Gov of Virginia has set womens rights back to 1812 in a single signing. But now every tax prayer in Virginia is going to be held for that cost. Plus by signing that bill 61% more money will be heading to Mexico again because in Mexico it would cost about $110. in US Dollars. Plus more lost to the unfunded drugs that tax prayers who will be paying for it starting in 2018 thank you GOP.

You are absolutely right!<br />
And what about the cost of the ultrasound??? Is this unneeded procedure going to make the cost of abortion unattainable for many women?<br />
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It is good to see young women like you, paying attention to your rights.