I Support Him Because...

I'm not crazy about Mccain for president but would much rather him be elected than either of the Dems! :)

TheAvonChica TheAvonChica 22-25, F 5 Responses Mar 16, 2008

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there is two dems and two reps. theres a real choice this year. the first time ever since i have been alive to be honest and i am 32 years old.

I know, a couple that I would def support were very unheard of so of course didn't last in the race long. It's not fair that the ones with the money get ahead in the race.

i am totally with u there it's between father time, the anti-christ and the crazy ***** .... we have such wonderful choices this year!

I know, I feel the same!

Pretty much the way I feel about it. I wish I had a real choice in this election. There is nobody I want to vote for right now!!