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one reason i support McCain is because Obama is a supporter of partial birth abortion. i am completely agains abortion in general though i do believe under certain cercumstances it is excuseable. But never partial birth. below is the process most commonly used for a "late term" or partial birht abortion... this is something that Obama is in support of, keep that in mind as you read over the process.... 

The Partial Birth Abortion Procedure


Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabs the baby's leg with forceps.

The baby's leg is pulled out into the birth canal.

The abortionist delivers the baby's entire body, except for the head.

The abortionist jams scissors into the baby's skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the hole...

The scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child's brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed


 someone who could support this kind of barbaric act is not fit to be in charge of the country i live in as far as im concerned.

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CPAguy you are correct. Obama voted against banning the practice.<br />
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Thank you Hispanic Woman!

I am against abortion and partial birth abortion is absolutely horrific.<br />
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I believe life begins at conception. I am a Christian and I believe that someday everyone who has had or has supported abortion will answer to God.<br />
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Any candidate for any office who supports abortion will not get my vote. This is a key issue for me and I hope for other Americans who will be voting their beliefs.<br />
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Thank you for listening.

finally... some people who have acutally looked at what Obama is wanting and stands for... or should i say the people behing Obama.. b/c if you notice... hes almost always reading off a script... b/c when he trys to improve he seems to run himself even further into the ground!

I think that Obama ran just to get free publisity for his book...and he goy lucky...(or unlucky dfepending on how you look at it) He made his fortune and now he may just lead us to distruction....Oh I hope not...He did not have any books out there before....Then after he atarted running he dumped a butt load out onto the market....Well I understand now just why he has only 160 days of activeity in office....He was writting his books to make his money<br />
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And as far as how many homes McCain has...Last time I heard you can have one or one hundred...This is still U.S.A. the land of the free....Oh Yea...Not if Obama gets into office...My Bad

I am with you Walflower! Obama is an extremely flawed and dangerous candidate. His morals and ethics side with the extreme left and communist parties. Get out there and tell all your friends to vote for MCain!

okay i will agree that certian situations are exceptions but i have known more women using abortion as a form of birthcotrol then for those exceptional situation. Also i am not fully against abortion i am against partial birth abortion. Where the fetus is already a recognizable human and they still determine to have it killed.

why yes, WMYTIN.<br />
Just like condoms are abortion, and abortion is murder.<br />
thank you, hardCORPSlove :)<br />
im not for abortion, especially not as a form of birth control. i had an abortion after i was raped, and as someone who's control of her body has been taken from her before, i wouldnt do that to another woman.

and if this shameful treatment of children is your problem, then try and save those already in the world. <br />
Anti abortion laws are not born out of wanting to save kids. If the people driving these laws in wanted to save the kids, theyd be out there in Africa and southern Asia, helping those kids already in this world, experiences horrific studying.<br />
Its about the control of woman.<br />
<br />
Ill get off my soapbox now.

Hes not in support of that.<br />
Hes in support of the womans right to chose; to do what she wants with her body.<br />
its not ones business but hers.

"just one reason was ment to be "just one reason" y i am choosing McCain..... not "the only reason""<br />
<br />
yeah, I figured that out as you should be able to see. I was trying to explain to you why we would have taken it the wrong way and that you calling everyone uneducated was uncalled for.

and fyi the first line says "One reason I support McCain" not "The reason or The only reason" .... you really should read the entire "story" before you try to insult someone.

just one reason was ment to be "just one reason" y i am choosing McCain..... not "the only reason" . I could understand people getting confused i wrote that. AND if you are going to jump on me b/c you misunderstood what i wrote without first asking me to either explain or justify myself which is how they do things in a proper debate...but instead you automatically turn to being rude and defensive then yes i do feel that you are uneducated because if you were not then why would that comment have offended you icygreen?

I made that comment before I read all of the comments, so ignore it. <br />
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"PEOPLE!!! this is just 1 reason y i would not want to pick obama.. there are hundreds of other reasons and honestly if you think this is the only reason i would pick McCain then you are as un-educated as you are calling me."<br />
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Oh, yeah, excuse us for taking you seriously when you said "Just one reason". Can you not see how we would think that "just one reason" means there is only one reason you are voting for him? Especially when you only speak of one reason in your story? You're right, we are so uneducated! And you're so smart.

I think it's a shame that you are basing your decision on this one aspect. That's so...limited.

and seriously the title is even Just one Reason..

PEOPLE!!! this is just 1 reason y i would not want to pick obama.. there are hundreds of other reasons and honestly if you think this is the only reason i would pick McCain then you are as un-educated as you are calling me. This was just to educate some people on what exaclty the partial birth abotion is!

There must be better reasons why you are going to pick McCain then this wallflower. Not to be rude and sorry if I come off rude but that is a very silly reason. People are going to have partial births regardless of whether it’s legal or not. The people that are actually doing this should be the one you point the finger at. They are the heartless losers that are agreeing to such monstrosities.<br />
Also how much do you make? Are you middle class? Well, if you are I would really think about choosing McCain. He is going to destroy the middle glass and that’s anyone under making 5 million a year and that’s rate from McCain’s mouth. He said Obama is an elitist but did you see how many homes McCain has, he doesn’t even know, but it’s ten. Obama has a midsize house in Chicago. Obama made his money by his book sales. I truly don’t understand why anyone picks McCain. Don’t get me wrong Obama has his skeletons too and there are things I do not like about him but McCain scares me.

OOPS....I meant to say that I wouldnt want anyone in charge of this country who is for that!! TYPO :)

Thank you peanutbrittle!!! I have never witnessed anything like this, and I hope I never have to. But I did do a research paper on this in high school, and the things that I found out about it are horrific. I would want anyone in charge of this country who is for this. Does anybody else see this as wrong, or is it just me??<br />
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ps-- FallaciesAppease, nobody on here wants to know the sick and nasty things that you do behind your closed doors. So please, for the sake of everyones sanity...KEEP IT TO YOURSELF:)!!! Thank You

One comment...Missing, have you ever witnessed a partial birth abortion where the child is delivered feet first so the head will not exit the birth canal and so can be termed as "No birthed"? Holding tightly on to the tiny moving body and limbs to immobilize it? Have you seen how the physician then inserts a canula into the brain stem to scramble then extract the brain tissue so this renders the child dead? Any one that can support THIS form of abortion should have to witness one first hand before deciding that it is an acceptable form of termination.

If a woman carries a baby in her womb long enough for it to be born and survive, then it should be born and given to a couple who cannot have children and who are on the waiting lists around the country for adoption.<br />
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I was forced to abort a baby at 16. I have never gotten over that trauma. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I wish instead that my mother had allowed me to carry the baby and give it up for adoption. I wonder what my baby would be today if that had happened.<br />
<br />
Partial-birth abortion is murder no matter how you look at it. And I am saying this from the perspective of one who supports a woman's right to choose what to do with her pregnancy. I am not for outlawing abortion. I am for outlawing partial-birth abortion. It is horrific.<br />
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I was raped, by the way. And I believe that it should have been my choice what to do - after receiving proper counseling. Instead, my mother took the decision into her own hands and did not get me counseling of any kind before, during or after. That too is barbaric.

Outlawing partial birth abortion does decrease the use of this horrendous practice. Just because people will do it anyway is no reason to condone it. Imagine legalizing rape b/c some depraved men will do it anyway...<br />
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Abstinence only programs work... for less than 1.5% of people who promise to stay abstinent. EDUCATING people on the realities of sex works better. I love MISSING's line, "Look into what you can do to change the world not just boss it around." As a devout Christian I have to vote for education..."Study to show thyself approved of by the Lord"<br />
<br />
God never mandates specific action. Even Salvation is a choice. God just wants us to understand our choices, and rely on God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. Therefore a secular government should not legislate morality. What this society deems just, will be reality regardless of any law. Beware, actions have conesquences.<br />
<br />
I understand the contradiction inherent in my first and last paragraphs. Those are the compromises necessary when governing.

Yea, not educating young people about sex isn't going to make them NOT have sex.. it will just make them be more irresponsible and make bad choices about sex. Humans are sexual animals, and there is nothing that conservatives can do to stop people from having sex. Deal with this reality.<br />
<br />
Oh, and a woman should be entitled to choice. I waste millions of potential babies every day when I jerk off. Would you want to outlaw that? My ***** contains millions of single-celled organisms that have a RIGHT TO LIFE!! <br />
<br />
Oh, and McCain voted against a bill that would require health plans to pay for both viagra AND contraceptives. Right now there are many companies that cover viagra, but don't cover birth control.. how does that work, eh?

Yeah well I guess thats between a woman and her maker (GOD) Not you. Not Congress. He might just support it because if we make it illegal those women will do it anyways. Well if you are educated you know theres greater risks. <br />
<br />
You should spend your worrying on voting for people who will educate youngsters about staying healthy sexually and Baby free. Form life long habits. But that would upset the abstinence only believers. GOD forbid we educate our youth about safe sex. <br />
<br />
Sorry your argument is a little one sided and slightly uneducated. Look into what you can do to change the world not just boss it around.

i guess he hopes he'll get votes from women that use abortion like birthcontrol?!

some still have it preformed illegaly though

right now it is outlawed, but obama wants this to be an option again...