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i don't want a woman for president ever! we do not need some woman on her period..all PMSing out and making unstable decisions! and as far as Obama is concerned.. i don't like that he has a past on being a HATER to anyone that doesn't belong to his religion..the reilgion that attacked our two towers..

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i am a woman and i agree with you. i think that everyone has their roles in life, women vs. men. i believe that there is a reason that women should not run countries, they are not as able as men in stressful situations. as far a obama, he is a joke. they only people who will vote for him are those who really don't know and aren't educated.

I can see how Hillary would give you the impression that a female president would be a very dangerous idea.<br />
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But you should know, I'm not really certain that Hillary IS a woman. So don't judge the rest of us based on her xD