I Just Think He Is the Right Choice...

I am not going to go into detail, I just dont think we are ready for a woman president or a black president. I am a Texan, my husband runs an oilfield company, so I have to think about my family...and for me Mccain is the right answer. Not to mention I am republican and catholic... he just makes sense. I think Obama is in this for the fame...for the attention he will get for being the first black president. I dont want a president who is only concerned about being put in the school books someday. who cares about making histor for being the first black president, i am more concerned about our future. we need a president who is all about America not all about himself.

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chocolate milk anyway... just kidding guys!<br />
I understand that Obabma is for change and all, and hopefully he lives up to all his hype and really does something good for America.<br />
I can hope cant I...

Erica, <br />
<br />
You said it well. I voted NObama in early voting. McCain is our guy. He has the experience. I like the no nonsense, non-political people he wants to bring in too. The founder and former CEO of EBay!!! That is fantastic. Put American enginuity into the cogs, not the same old politicians. <br />
<br />
So Erica, Sing it sister. I just hope we can win.

I wononey did it cost Obama to put on the 30 min. infomertial the other night.....Where else could the money have gone to change lives......Also have anyone else heard of the Black Panthers that were standing at the entrance of a polling place....one with a nightstick in his hands.....andking the statement that they were tired of the white supremists......Were that really that afraid of McCain winning that they would have to scare off republicans from voting....Or were they hoping for a scare vote for Obama?????Just a thought

I am tired of people calling me racist... I have an opinion just like everyone else does... so let me put it pretty simple for those of you that think you have to analyze and write long *** boring **** to get your point across...<br />
**** YOU!!!!<br />
My life is not perfect, but I dont want a president that thinks living off the government is going to fix everything.. I am tired of lazy *** Americans that dont want to do for themselves... I could ******* care less if the president was black, white, male or female or whatever... I dont want a president that only thinks about himself and what he can get out of this... I want a president that is patriotic and loves this country... Plain and simple I am American and I want an American loving president!!!!<br />
So if you want to call me names fine just know that your petty ways of dealing with things is childish and immature and maybe you all should share your rude *** opinions with someone else!

Erica i think you are a very sad person, I do. Not because you want McCain but because you and your supporters honestly can say a comment like America is not ready for a black president and then say oh but i dont mean that in a racist way. Its racist. Just face it. Its not racist to vote for someone esle maybe you generally want another bush administration, maybe you generally want our troops in there till hell freezes over, maybe you want to keep giving to the rich, pampering the rich while the poor suffers and bails the rich out. Maybe you are content with things just as they are because your world is so perfect, no one you know was effected by the stock market crash and all the layoffs and the hard times. Maybe that is the case. But to say we are not ready, when will we be ready then hun? Supposedly we were long past slavery. You bigots and racists that ignore everything good that Obama has said, ignore all that he has done for the community, the war he fought right here in this county to make things better, fighting for womens rights, and poor people and doing things for the community. That means a lot to me, i know you dont give a **** about us colored people or Africans as one poster said but we are here and the things Obama says to a lot of blacks, and spanish, and working class and middle class are real. There are a lot of people that have been effected by all that is going on in the economy and they are exstatic that there is finally a candidate that cares about that and wants to make it easier on us because he has been there too instead of brushing us off and having closed eyes to the pain of the worker like most republicans do. I dont want a president that doesnt know how many homes he has, that has everyone else speak for him, that has a idiot vp who cant say one newspaper she read and thinks she is cultured internationally because she can see "Russia out her back window". Regan was young too and he did great. Obama is not a threat he is a gift. That is why he is leading because some people out there are not scared of change. Some people are not scared of color like you. Somepeople are not lead by stereotypes like you. Obama just didnt start caring about this country and the people he always had and that is why he is winning. Nobody would put there life at risk like he has and his family just to prove a point. You really make me sick. I am so happy that i got to see the true colors of so many of you closet racist. To the people who have stood up in this post and called you out for who you are I applaud and thank them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Im curious as to why you feel America isn't ready for a black president? How does the color of ones skin determine their readiness or ability? You also stated that you feel we aren't ready for a woman either,so do you really want to take a chance on Sarah Palin getting into office in the event that McCain cannnot fulfill his duties? From all that I have read and heard in regards to her, she has much less experience than Obama. And appears to be very interested in putting herself the spotlight. If anyone is putting on a performance I would say it is her. 100k for wardrobe! Enough said...

I'll be willing to stand behind Obama as long as he doesn't do what I'm very much afraid he'll do and ruin our country. Of course, if ANYONE tried to ruin our country, I'd be against them, too.

And I will stand behind Obama (gag) sorry choked on that one just a bit.....If he wins....until I can sign the recall patiion....And there will be one....But that is for all to see Tuesday...

I agree with you midnightsdaughter... thank you dcynic for your reply, I am also with you on the fact that whoever wins I will just have to accept it and make the best out of it. Our country is whats most important, and as long as the new president put sour country first that is all I care about!!!<br />
<br />
Everyone please get out and vote!!!! You Count!!!

cynic---that's a very courteous reply, and I wish more Obama supporters would follow your example.

I also agree Ericalee ;)

I couldn't disagree with you more, but I will not fight with you over it with a couple days left. I am confident that my candidate will be victorious, and that will just be that. But if McCain should win... I will stand behind him until he betrays that trust.

Give that mother a pat onb the back from me....She s one find lady there

My mom has put it this way: if you found out you had cancer and needed an operation, would you pick a doctor because he had a lot of experience or because he had a lot of potential?

Thank you for you and yours...for you are both serving the country....You here...and him there....This is comming from one american Mutt...that both served...and married one that served...


I'm for john McCain because my husband is in the army and for me there is no "give him a shot" one bad tactical decision by Obama means my husband or one of my friends life's. I'm not getting bullied into voting Obama. Certain people can go right ahead and try to make me feel like a racist for not voting for Obama. But you know, I'm native American. You want to get started on injustice there go ahead.. I don't blame anyone today for what happened to my ancestors and neither should anyone else..

(singer takes a bow)...thank you....Thank you very much... To quote a great singer......Hmmmmm just thinking about that....From one great singer....and another great singer...heheheheheh no....really

singer1960... you are so funny!!!!!

But then you can also go out and buy the new movie that is being made......Laying Palin...Have you heard about that one....A look alike Pron movie....I know all the guys that I work with were talking about it all night at work.

Karl Marx wanted everyone and everything to belong to the governemnt....Big brother will take care of you....everyone owns everything....yet everyone owns nothing....Sounds more like Obama and the Democrates to me...They want everyone to depend on the governmant to take care of them...The governement will give you health care..Come to the dark side...anbd Darth will take care of you....Welcome to the Empire.... Oooops did I type that out loud....Must be a racest...Do not want the black man in the White House....Must keep the black man down....Ohhhhh. Pllleassse. Get real...And keep the republicans in office....Come on into the light

I totally agree with you ericalee. I am a Catholic Republican myself. And no this isn't about racism, it's about your personal beliefs and what you prefer in a candidate. If we're racist for wanting McCain then I guess everyone who votes for Barack is racist against white people. I get so sick of people pulling that race card! This whole election has been nothing but one big publicity stunt from the beginning, personally I think it's too much. I don't entirely agree with McCain's choice of Palin, I like her, but I don't think she is "White house material". But since she's "hot" everyone is all about her. Barack, well, since he is the first black nominee for presidency, that has of course been a media frenzy. All that is not what we need to be worrying about when we're in a financial crisis and other things.

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thank you chubbz.... you make such an important point about the radical people out there that are planning something horrible fi Obama takes office... <br />
<br />
i understand that people want change... but Obama is the wrong kind of change.<br />
<br />
Personally I woul dlike all new choices for president, but thats not going to happen...<br />
<br />
So based on my beliefs and my concerns for our country....<br />

I agree with Erica<br />
<br />
i do not think that these united staes are ready for a president of African decent. As racist as that may sound, I would just worry that those who are racist would act out. i have already heard of assassination attempts on Obama. History shows us that many people will do whatever possible to get what they want. the problem is there are discriminatory people everwhere in this country. Even where i live in Minnesota, i see confederate flags everywhere which is odd considering it was primarily against slavery. In my opinion Racism will never end.<br />
<br />
<br />
If I was to base this off the candidates' values alone you might get a different response but i feel America is NOT ready for it.

And the crowd goes wild!!!<br />
Cheering "Alaskan women Rock!!!!!!"<br />
"Alaskan women Rock!!!!!!"<br />
"Alaskan women Rock!!!!!!"

Come on lets paataie.. (thats party)....Let's all hear it for the little lady from the frozen state..Hip..Hip..Horae

Woot-woot for multi talented women!!!!!!

very well said loveisallaround!!!!!!!

Hear !!! Hear!!! I agree with mamapolo and singer 1960. Smart comments made by people not Blinded by the need to follow the latest bologna that is going around to poo poo her because she is a woman that is multi talented. She thinks her own thoughts and doesn't follow along with what the biggest kid on the block wants everyone to do.<br />
<br />
BTW I think she thinks on her feet very well. She speaks straight forward and, and ummmmm doesn't stutter uummmm or stammer to ahhh gain time to think of what he should say, instead of just saying what he thinks.<br />
<br />
So sorry I couldn't help myself. Yes Obama can speak as long as he has time to rehearse what they tell him to say, I mean what he wants to say.

Someone else that thinks the way that I think....and has the guts to say it....Here...here mamapollo......<br />
<br />
As far as Palin not being qualified to be POTUS...Well she is over 40....and was born here....and has never served as one before.....those are the only three qualifiers that there are in the Constitution.....which BTW...are the same quailifications that the other three men are that are o the ticket.....they are all the same...Go figure....anythinhg else is conjecture.

I think the country IS ready for a black president, or a woman, or some other flavor than plain vanilla.<br />
<br />
I'm a little concerned about the direction either candidate would take us, though. I would like to see someone who could step up and say, "Look, all these 'programs' that have been instituted to erase poverty not only haven't succeeded, they've increased the problem." So many tax-dollars that are intended to ease suffering and poverty and poor educational opportunities, etc., go from our pockets into the pockets of people who know how to write a government grant, but not how to effect change. I know, I've been on the grant-writing side for an agency, and carefully parsed the phrasing of mission and results so our agency could get closer to the gravy bowl. <br />
<br />
If the graft and skimming were addressed, they wouldn't NEED any new taxes. The old saying "If you give a man a fish, he eats that one meal - teach him to fish and he eats for life" is a basic truth. Government not only gives the fish, but continually stocks the pond and worse, pays contractors $20 a fish when they're $4 at the market.<br />
<br />
And this is NOT a 'racist complaint.' I am a caseworker at a social welfare agency, and 97% of my caseload is white. Government buys cheap cars for folks once every year - and they run for 15 minutes and croak. Why not buy one DECENT car so they can get to work? Gov't would save money in the long run if they did it anything like right.<br />
<br />
Government does stuff stupidly, almost without exception, and if we look to bigger government for rescue from current problems, we are sunk. <br />
<br />
I do like the general flavor here, though - which is "I'll listen to you if you'll listen to me." I am SO tired of the political screaming out there. I want to yell, "Hush! and let me THINK about this!"

I think McCain and Palin are the best choices.. this is my first election so I've been doing a lot of research..<br />
<br />
I don't agree with the stand Obama holds on several issues. Mine align more with McCain and Palin.<br />
<br />
Yes, politicians lie. Lately they all seem to focus less on "What can I do for my country?" than on "What can I do to get votes?" <br />
<br />
Obama's view is mostly about change.. but then again, he can't do much without Congress's approval..<br />
<br />
Still, all in all, I'm proudly supporting McCain/Palin.

I'm not sure if that was directed to me of singer. If it was for me, I wish you well and agree you have every right to say what you think, isn't that what EP is all about. I don't doubt that many people feel that same as you do. This is all fine by me. To each his own.<br />
<br />
May God bless you and keep you safe. Peace to you, I don't want bad feelings. So I just let this go from my mind and release it to the universe.

Extremely well said singer 1960!!!!! I salute you! I also want to thank you for serving our country. It takes a very brave person to fight for what he believes is right. I'm sure that you fought right along side of your comrades. My guess is that some others hid behind their fellow soldiers.<br />
<br />
Thank You, Thank You, Thank you to all service Men and women. I mean REAL men and women. God bless you all and may all who choose to serve come home safe.

McCain's hair went white when he lived through what he did at the Hanoi Hilton...And what makes him a hero...He stayed when he could have went home early...He stayed with his men...And he put up with the tourture as best as a man could....And better than some...And that is what makes him the best possible man for the job.....He knows what could happen...He has seen the worst...and the best...And he is here still serving our country.....With what you have said about the man...You served...And I thank you Brother...As I served also...But it saddens me to be able to call you brother...This comment is ment for Creamdrean...And his avatar shows just what head he is thinking with...Start thinking with the one on your shoulders...and zip the zipper

Some of that is just unbelievable! Creamdream do you have any relatives or friends that volunteered to serve this country? What do you think they would say about what you just wrote??? Ever think they were in a high risk situation and may have come within seconds of being discovered??? Would you call an uncle, friend or relative terrible names if they did happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? <br />
<br />
This is my opinion but I dis agree totally with everything say and the fact that you said some of it just amazes me. You have a right to your opinion whatever it is.<br />
<br />
God bless you.

Amen singer 1960!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!

She has far more experience than Obama does... As far as him running...There was an interview with someone on his staff...and it was stated that he ran to get into the publics eye....He did not expect to get the nomination...He was just setting the ground work for 2012...And he got lucky....But I do not think that the majority of our country is ready for a President man or woman...Black...white...or pink polks-doted with the last name of Obama at this time...We are in a war with someone that wants to distroy our way of life named Osama....sounds far to much alike...You may think that is childish...But it is just human

I am voting McCain and Palin...and I am definetly not using my vagina....what an absurd remark to make!

Well I brought up Hilary, because Barack and Hilary were on the same side. I had only read the first few posts at that time. Besides Barack is not running against Palin, he is running against McCain.<br />
<br />
As a matter of fact if Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama were running against each other, I wouldn't endorse either of them. Because some of the things I hear them say at times, just doesn't set well with me. So I guess my vote wouldn't count because it wouldn't be worth the gas to drive to the polls. That is my opinion and I feel right inside about my choice, BUT I respect your right to have and express yours. <br />
<br />
Have a blessed day all, what ever side you stand with.

First of all, I do not understand why people are still bringing up Hilary as she is not the democratic nominee. Second of all, the thought of Palin taking over the country is a terrifying thought. I am not saying that because she is a woman because frankly, I don't care. I am saying that because she has minimal experience and the experience she does have has shown her as a terrible person to make decisions. I do not believe it is about the experience but the choices you have made. John McCain showed us a taste of how he will lead by choosing Palin and I am sorry but he chose her for purely political reasons not for the country. You think he will run this country like it should be? He has shown that he is just for McCain and no one else. Obama chose Biden and showed that he makes chooses that is best for the country not because it would be some huge wow factor. he could have chosen Hilary but he didn't think she would have help serve the country as well as Biden. McCain could have chosen someone who was better qualified to take over in the event that something happens. Instead he chose someone to "round up the Hilary supporters". How does he expect to do that if Palin does not support in ANYTHING that Hilary supports. He has shown that he thinks women vote with their vagina instead of their brains. Thanks McCain for assuming women are dumb.

I am all the way for McCain...And I hope that when the time comes he runs for a second term...But there could be a truely historic event that could happen...McCain dies in office 2 years and 1 day after taking office...First woman president take office...Then since she held office for less than 1/2 of his term she can be elected for office twice...She could be a sitting President for 1 day less than 10 years...No one had done that since FDR...How is that for history.......But even if that does not happen I still say M + B that is the ticket...That is Mavrick...and Barracuda Yea Team

I think American people are ready to give all races and sexes a chance to run for the office of commander and chief. The whole issue in this presidential election is not that Barack is Black or that Hillary is woman. The question is "Do we think they have what it takes to do the job, not just look good on camera." Are they where they need to be, doing what the country needs done or are they where more people will see them smiling and changing their words to fit the people around them.<br />
<br />
John McCain has seen both sides of war. He knows what it is like to see through a soldier’s eyes and feel the emotions and pain of his fellow comrades. He is a team pla<x>yer and does what is right for the team as a whole and not what is easiest for him. He says what he feels and doesn't have to pause and uummmm until he decides what he thinks he should say. <br />
<br />
Sarah Palin is very much like John McCain in the way she thinks and speaks. I think they make a great team. Yes she is a woman and happens to be white. So what? I vote for the persons ability to do the job at hand not because they are male or female. Not because they are Black, white, Hispanic, American Indian or any other race. <br />
<br />
It's time to grow up. It’s time to think for ourselves and not just blindly follow what the higher ups in our race believe. We are all individuals and should think individually. Doesn't that sound unique these days?

Thank you westmstr.... I am a decent and real American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
McCain and Palin!!!!!! all the way baby!!!

I'm with ya 100%. I think a black candidate like Michael Steele would have been great. The problem is that he's a conservative and the libs hate that. Look at the hell Clarence Thomas went through. The problem with Obama is that he is a seriously flawed candidate. His marxist/socialist ideals will put this country in the dark ages. Obama spells DANGER. He wil lose thanks to decent and real Americans like you!

icy green You are right all politicians have ulterior motives. I am having a hard time with the statement that you made about McCain and the american people. I think he does love the american people and he wants to change our lives for the better. This is why he served and retired from the military. If he you didnt love the country then you wouldnt fight for the american people. I am not gullible in assumeing that Barrack has more ulterior motives than that of McCain. I think american is ready for a black or woman president I just dont think it is onw of the candidates that are running now. I also think that if a woman gets into office right now our foreign policy will fail. This is not what we need right now at all. Maybe with a woman VP first than maybe as president wont be so bad. A slow progress is best in my opinion

icygreen - good points on the racism/sexism. That's what caught my eye while browsing this experience. Ericalee - if McCain wins, and new oil operations sprout up all over the country (offshore and in wildlife preserves), the oil prices will fall, and your shares will lose some value. Is that in your family's best interest? (I think there should be more investment and research in renewables anyways)<br />
<br />
If you think America 'isn't ready' for a woman or black president, does that mean you think America is only 'ready' (whatever that means) for another white male president? That's all you've ever had throughout your entire history. <br />
<br />
JaketheRake - Fear won't be the platform. The election isn't going to be about issues, either. This one's about 'character'. American politics is a ******* joke.

And to anyone who thinks that McCain doesn't also have ulterior motives, or that ALL politicians don't have ulterior motives...I think you're gullible. <br />
<br />
You think McCain is running because he loves the American people so much and wants to make the world a better place? You think he cares about your family more than Obama? No. He's in it for the power.

"I mean this black president...Obama in particular... we are not ready for him because of his motives."<br><br />
<br><br />
but that's not what you said in your story:<br><br />
<br><br />
"I just dont think we are ready for a woman president or a black president."<br><br />
<br><br />
funny how everyone attacked imme. He's not the only one who thought you were focusing on race. Just look at how you worded that sentence. Not to mention the fact that you assume he's only running so he can be the first black president.

I think that erikalee is right - but for a different reason. I have no problem whatsoever with a president's race or sex. But there are SO many people in the US who do. I am very afraid that if Obama gets it, there will be an assassination attempt pretty quickly. <br />
<br />
And that will be because he's black. <br />
<br />
It's sad to me that we're like this, that physical attributes mean so much, that we're so quick to judge...but that's the truth, and we can't deny it. The horror of someone's life ending for no good reason is dimmed by the horror of what it will do to this country if there is an assassination. The race lines will be drawn clear and bold once again. What would that do to us? <br />
<br />
That aside, I also support McCain for other reasons. I think that his age gives him the edge here. The country needs stability right now. We need someone who has experience with foreign leaders so that we can heal from the wars. I think McCain will be good for this. McCain and Palin both have sons in Iraq. They're not going to be dragging out wars that endanger their children. <br />
I don't like everything about the Republican ticket, and I'm not strictly a Republican. But I like it much better than the Democratic ticket this time. So many things that Obama wants are really bad ideas. In theory, they might work, but in practice - they'd be disasters. That's what I mean about experienced...McCain is the best choice for me.

I agree with you ericalee4.. I am not racist and I am not a republican voting for McCain.. I am not voting for McCain because my hubby is in the Army either.. I am voting for McCain because I feel he is the right man for the job.. I watched both DNC and RNC and just got a better "vibe" to say for McCain.. To me Obama has alterior motives.. I think that being the first black president is one of them.. But not the only one. To me he has not been around long enough to know what to do or how to run a state let alone a country. Please I know he is a governor so dont write me back and say he can run a state. McCain has proven himself over and over again. I think the democrats fear this that is why they are saying he is just another Bush but he is not. He stands by the president but does not stand with the president on manny topics. This is just my opion..

I mean this black president...Obama in particular... we are not ready for him because of his motives.

What do you mean when you say we're not ready for a black president? Maybe that is why imme called you racist. I'm not saying it's a racist comment; I'd just like you to explain what you meant by it.

'okay sure you guys are right. yall are republicans and im a democrat that doesnt mean yall have to be racist.'<br />
---i dont think imme123 even took the time to read the comments. if he or she had, they would have noticed that we are not all republicans!

imme123, if you feel me posting your message is childish i am sorry... i thought it was childish to attack me in private. I am here just like you... to voice my opinion. I am sorry you disagree with it, but the fact is I disagree with a lot of peoples comments and I dont go bad mouth them, accuse them of being things they are not and send them private messages telling them how much i disagree with them. I am not here to argue with anyone, I too love all people... see we have something in common!<br />
have a great day imme123!

okay sure you guys are right. yall are republicans and im a democrat that doesnt mean yall have to be racist. i know and i apologize but i dont think it was necisary that you had to post what i sent to you erica. that was childish. thank-you very much. ew are all people of god and racist or not black or white or hiuspanic or jewish if i know you or not i love you all because i know you are all people of god also. god bless and i apologize

You shouldn't vote for someone because of their race or sex...that doesn't matter. It would make no difference whether he's black, white, green, purple, male, female, or neuter. I don't base my vote on shallow things like that...I base it on how qualified they are to run the country.

Ericalee, your opinion is valid and this is a forum you can state it on. I agree with you. I realize others may not. However there should be a free flow of discussion without name calling and hatred put forth, as has been done her.<br />
<br />
Please continue to state your opinion as you see it. Some of us do want to see what you write on all topics.<br />
<br />
Take care and God Bless.

lol, gunman was a total ****, dandy! i dont think imme123 understood that you werent meaning to be racist, erica. now you can join the 'i dont like when people take my comments the wrong way' group...LOL<br />
<br />
as for me, i want change. i want something new. and i want a president who hasnt been in politics long enough to be corrupted by them. i dont know if obama will work out, but i think hes worth a shot. i dont find his speeches to based soley on the fact that he is black, but based soley on the fact that he intends to turn america around...which is what we need right now. i dont want 4 more years of bush! i personally think either hillary or obama would be good candidates for presidency. i dont linger much on the idea of a woman or black president, i just happen to like their views and ideas (and i'm from texas too, yah!! go texas..LOL).

I just wanted to share the personal message imme123 sent me. I dont know why he didnt just post this as a comment... I dont really care though, just wanted everyone to see what he obviously was afraid to post for all of EP to read.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
"<br />
Welli dont think Barack is in it just to say hey im the first black president. I think your racist and immature. Barack is a very good man and he knows what he is doing. he is trying to save this country. JOhn McCain is so old by the time he steps foot in the white house he will probably have a heart attack. now im not racist but im black and the thing i hate most is when they think white people are better than black people. thats not true. we are just as good. like oprah. she has alot of money and has a good career. Not all black people are ghettto and trashy. We have been pushed around by white people since forever. we were slaves and they treated us like poop. But we forgave them and moved on. We are allo equal now and the thing i hate most are those racist ppeople who have not stepped into reality and realized black people are NOT slaves anymore. So for yall just voting for McCain because Barack is black, GO AHEAD CUZ BARACK IS GOING TO WIN ANYWAY! so your just going to have to deal with it now arent you? yeah thats what i thought. Ignorant people"

imme123, how can you call us racist... I have read and re-read my story and I see not one racist statement.<br />
I am on EP to voice my opinion, not be attacked by other people. Please use this site for what its for, and refrain from being rude to people you dont know.

i still say obama is the best for the east and the west. the whole country is going to soon be in the hands of him

McCain is the only choice for America.

whatever yall racist loser. yall can just leave. go somewhere else. BLACK PEOPL ERULE AND OBAMA IS GOING TO WIN! OBAMA YALL

I agree Ericalee. The country is what is important and one needs to vote what is best for the entire country. For me attention seekers and the self-absorbed need not apply.