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I Just Think He Is the Right Choice...

I am not going to go into detail, I just dont think we are ready for a woman president or a black president. I am a Texan, my husband runs an oilfield company, so I have to think about my family...and for me Mccain is the right answer. Not to mention I am republican and catholic... he just makes sense. I think Obama is in this for the fame...for the attention he will get for being the first black president. I dont want a president who is only concerned about being put in the school books someday. who cares about making histor for being the first black president, i am more concerned about our future. we need a president who is all about America not all about himself.

ericalee4 ericalee4 31-35, F 67 Responses Aug 22, 2008

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chocolate milk anyway... just kidding guys!<br />
I understand that Obabma is for change and all, and hopefully he lives up to all his hype and really does something good for America.<br />
I can hope cant I...

Erica, <br />
<br />
You said it well. I voted NObama in early voting. McCain is our guy. He has the experience. I like the no nonsense, non-political people he wants to bring in too. The founder and former CEO of EBay!!! That is fantastic. Put American enginuity into the cogs, not the same old politicians. <br />
<br />
So Erica, Sing it sister. I just hope we can win.

I wononey did it cost Obama to put on the 30 min. infomertial the other night.....Where else could the money have gone to change lives......Also have anyone else heard of the Black Panthers that were standing at the entrance of a polling with a nightstick in his hands.....andking the statement that they were tired of the white supremists......Were that really that afraid of McCain winning that they would have to scare off republicans from voting....Or were they hoping for a scare vote for Obama?????Just a thought

I am tired of people calling me racist... I have an opinion just like everyone else does... so let me put it pretty simple for those of you that think you have to analyze and write long *** boring **** to get your point across...<br />
**** YOU!!!!<br />
My life is not perfect, but I dont want a president that thinks living off the government is going to fix everything.. I am tired of lazy *** Americans that dont want to do for themselves... I could ******* care less if the president was black, white, male or female or whatever... I dont want a president that only thinks about himself and what he can get out of this... I want a president that is patriotic and loves this country... Plain and simple I am American and I want an American loving president!!!!<br />
So if you want to call me names fine just know that your petty ways of dealing with things is childish and immature and maybe you all should share your rude *** opinions with someone else!

Erica i think you are a very sad person, I do. Not because you want McCain but because you and your supporters honestly can say a comment like America is not ready for a black president and then say oh but i dont mean that in a racist way. Its racist. Just face it. Its not racist to vote for someone esle maybe you generally want another bush administration, maybe you generally want our troops in there till hell freezes over, maybe you want to keep giving to the rich, pampering the rich while the poor suffers and bails the rich out. Maybe you are content with things just as they are because your world is so perfect, no one you know was effected by the stock market crash and all the layoffs and the hard times. Maybe that is the case. But to say we are not ready, when will we be ready then hun? Supposedly we were long past slavery. You bigots and racists that ignore everything good that Obama has said, ignore all that he has done for the community, the war he fought right here in this county to make things better, fighting for womens rights, and poor people and doing things for the community. That means a lot to me, i know you dont give a **** about us colored people or Africans as one poster said but we are here and the things Obama says to a lot of blacks, and spanish, and working class and middle class are real. There are a lot of people that have been effected by all that is going on in the economy and they are exstatic that there is finally a candidate that cares about that and wants to make it easier on us because he has been there too instead of brushing us off and having closed eyes to the pain of the worker like most republicans do. I dont want a president that doesnt know how many homes he has, that has everyone else speak for him, that has a idiot vp who cant say one newspaper she read and thinks she is cultured internationally because she can see "Russia out her back window". Regan was young too and he did great. Obama is not a threat he is a gift. That is why he is leading because some people out there are not scared of change. Some people are not scared of color like you. Somepeople are not lead by stereotypes like you. Obama just didnt start caring about this country and the people he always had and that is why he is winning. Nobody would put there life at risk like he has and his family just to prove a point. You really make me sick. I am so happy that i got to see the true colors of so many of you closet racist. To the people who have stood up in this post and called you out for who you are I applaud and thank them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Im curious as to why you feel America isn't ready for a black president? How does the color of ones skin determine their readiness or ability? You also stated that you feel we aren't ready for a woman either,so do you really want to take a chance on Sarah Palin getting into office in the event that McCain cannnot fulfill his duties? From all that I have read and heard in regards to her, she has much less experience than Obama. And appears to be very interested in putting herself the spotlight. If anyone is putting on a performance I would say it is her. 100k for wardrobe! Enough said...

I'll be willing to stand behind Obama as long as he doesn't do what I'm very much afraid he'll do and ruin our country. Of course, if ANYONE tried to ruin our country, I'd be against them, too.

And I will stand behind Obama (gag) sorry choked on that one just a bit.....If he wins....until I can sign the recall patiion....And there will be one....But that is for all to see Tuesday...

I agree with you midnightsdaughter... thank you dcynic for your reply, I am also with you on the fact that whoever wins I will just have to accept it and make the best out of it. Our country is whats most important, and as long as the new president put sour country first that is all I care about!!!<br />
<br />
Everyone please get out and vote!!!! You Count!!!

cynic---that's a very courteous reply, and I wish more Obama supporters would follow your example.

I also agree Ericalee ;)

I couldn't disagree with you more, but I will not fight with you over it with a couple days left. I am confident that my candidate will be victorious, and that will just be that. But if McCain should win... I will stand behind him until he betrays that trust.

Give that mother a pat onb the back from me....She s one find lady there

My mom has put it this way: if you found out you had cancer and needed an operation, would you pick a doctor because he had a lot of experience or because he had a lot of potential?

Thank you for you and yours...for you are both serving the country....You here...and him there....This is comming from one american Mutt...that both served...and married one that served...


I'm for john McCain because my husband is in the army and for me there is no "give him a shot" one bad tactical decision by Obama means my husband or one of my friends life's. I'm not getting bullied into voting Obama. Certain people can go right ahead and try to make me feel like a racist for not voting for Obama. But you know, I'm native American. You want to get started on injustice there go ahead.. I don't blame anyone today for what happened to my ancestors and neither should anyone else..

(singer takes a bow)...thank you....Thank you very much... To quote a great singer......Hmmmmm just thinking about that....From one great singer....and another great singer...heheheheheh no....really

singer1960... you are so funny!!!!!

But then you can also go out and buy the new movie that is being made......Laying Palin...Have you heard about that one....A look alike Pron movie....I know all the guys that I work with were talking about it all night at work.

Vote for McCain and you'll get your first female president<br />
and not a very bright one at that.

Karl Marx wanted everyone and everything to belong to the governemnt....Big brother will take care of you....everyone owns everything....yet everyone owns nothing....Sounds more like Obama and the Democrates to me...They want everyone to depend on the governmant to take care of them...The governement will give you health care..Come to the dark side...anbd Darth will take care of you....Welcome to the Empire.... Oooops did I type that out loud....Must be a racest...Do not want the black man in the White House....Must keep the black man down....Ohhhhh. Pllleassse. Get real...And keep the republicans in office....Come on into the light

I totally agree with you ericalee. I am a Catholic Republican myself. And no this isn't about racism, it's about your personal beliefs and what you prefer in a candidate. If we're racist for wanting McCain then I guess everyone who votes for Barack is racist against white people. I get so sick of people pulling that race card! This whole election has been nothing but one big publicity stunt from the beginning, personally I think it's too much. I don't entirely agree with McCain's choice of Palin, I like her, but I don't think she is "White house material". But since she's "hot" everyone is all about her. Barack, well, since he is the first black nominee for presidency, that has of course been a media frenzy. All that is not what we need to be worrying about when we're in a financial crisis and other things.

I invite everybody in this conversation to inspire others to vote. Go to this site: and share one of your million reasons to vote.

thank you chubbz.... you make such an important point about the radical people out there that are planning something horrible fi Obama takes office... <br />
<br />
i understand that people want change... but Obama is the wrong kind of change.<br />
<br />
Personally I woul dlike all new choices for president, but thats not going to happen...<br />
<br />
So based on my beliefs and my concerns for our country....<br />

I agree with Erica<br />
<br />
i do not think that these united staes are ready for a president of African decent. As racist as that may sound, I would just worry that those who are racist would act out. i have already heard of assassination attempts on Obama. History shows us that many people will do whatever possible to get what they want. the problem is there are discriminatory people everwhere in this country. Even where i live in Minnesota, i see confederate flags everywhere which is odd considering it was primarily against slavery. In my opinion Racism will never end.<br />
<br />
<br />
If I was to base this off the candidates' values alone you might get a different response but i feel America is NOT ready for it.

And the crowd goes wild!!!<br />
Cheering "Alaskan women Rock!!!!!!"<br />
"Alaskan women Rock!!!!!!"<br />
"Alaskan women Rock!!!!!!"

Come on lets paataie.. (thats party)....Let's all hear it for the little lady from the frozen state..Hip..Hip..Horae

Woot-woot for multi talented women!!!!!!

very well said loveisallaround!!!!!!!