his arms are too short.

they don't look like they could wrap around a telephone pole.

if left-handedness means something --- and if your index finger is longer than your middle finger means something, what does is mean when your arms are stubby and look like mini carrots??

FeelingCrazy FeelingCrazy
5 Responses Sep 19, 2008

It means McCain was born with birth defects. When you decide who to elect for the presidency---you're still getting a politician.

comprehensive; i reviewed; i don't see where i said anything about supporting a ticket of a "fantastic duo". chill out - it's a friggin joke.

So, you support a man who said "any man who cheats on his wife cannot be trusted to run this country". And he is an admitted adulterer who's running for President. Also that Palin is up for imeachment and has 3 ethic violation charges stemming from her abuse of power investigation. He's shown to be untrustworthy and she's shown to be a bully and a crook and a tyrant and changed her standing on some issues to fit with McCains. Put McCain/Palin in office and it's a double edged sword for disaster. The pitiful thing is the people who would rather have this fatalistic duo running this country into the ground than someone of African American heritage.

It's called POW torture!

Don't you just love American politics?