He Rocks! Obama Doesn't!

What's up with people killing babies? Abortion sucks!

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Like I was saying we complain, But what are we doing to educate our youth. Safe sex habits should start a lot earlier than 18 don't you think??? It's right up there with bathing, brushing your teeth, exercising and eating healthy. It may sound crazy but it's all part of remaining healthy. If parents can't do it then someone should. I think this would lower the abortion rate.

Especially partial birth abortions! Come on, it's just common freakin sense to use protection and not abortions as birth control. I didn't have any special programs pounding it into my head not to get pregnant before I was ready, and I didn't, because I am not stupid. I can understand one abortion emergency in your life, but more than one and you're making a sport out of it and it is a shame that some people out there can't have children and you're killng yours. I know someone who has had four abortions because she thinks she wants to get pregnant and changes her mind after she is! Disgusting.

If you cherish life, vote Democratic. The Republicans had Congress, the Executive Branch and The Supreme Court for a while and did NOTHING! Abortion rates are always significantly lower under democrats. And they are ready to steer our animal rights advocates and vegan proponents right into the preventive pregnancy arena. Watch what happens. We'll get it done.

Because we are all to stupid to teach our own children about these matters....<br />
We need to government to do all out thinking and teaching for us. <br />
Why do so many thing government is the answer?<br />
<br />
American is suppose to be WE THE PEOPLE....<br />
Not we the government.............

Abortion does suck ... What have you done to support sex education??? Also have you supported congress members who will teach "REAL" sex education. Safe Sex. Have you also supported members who will create other options for expectant mothers??? Just curios.

My sentiments exactly...Good for you ;)