McCain Inspires Me

I realize that the election is over, but I'm still a big supporter of John McCain, and hope he stays very much a prominent public figure, and that we'll still have opportunities to show our support for him.

I'm not a Republican, or at least I haven't been up till now.  What I first admired about McCain was that, although he was a Republican, he was willing to take unconventional stands for a Republican to take, even though they were politically risky for him.  So it seemed that he was acting on principle, rather than for his own career.  Also, he was willing to work with Democrats, and I liked his bipartisan spirit.

So I became involved in his campaign, and even had the good fortune to meet him briefly as a greeter at the Detroit Metro Airport.  I was so impressed with his friendliness, kindness, and humility, not at all what I expected from a politician.  I have also been greatly inspired by him the times I was at his town hall meetings and rallies.

I want to make sure that McCain doesn't just go down in history as some footnote in the story of Obama's election.  He deserves better than that.  He's a truly great man, and I hope we'll be seeing a lot more of him in the years to come.

baigge baigge
Dec 9, 2008