It Has Become A Talent

Am the kind of person whose anger can easily turn to tears so i try not to let things get to me, i have become so good at it. When am very angry i don't raise my voice or anything i just walk away or ask the person who made me angry to leave. It has worked for me, it prevents you from saying things you don't mean..i remember one incident when my cousin borrowed money from me so i gave her my ATM card, she didn't come home that night and showed up in the morning drunk with my card. She said she had some emergency at the bar and had to use a little more than she had asked for, she had used four time more and she couldn't afford to pay it back. I was so angry but didn't want to show it so i told her to leave my room...because i was so calm about the whole thing she felt guilty and told my aunt about it and few days later i was paid i wounder how it would have been if i got very upset with her. Sometime it helps to just let go.  
ufutaa ufutaa
18-21, F
May 18, 2012