Why Is My Anger So..

I believe that I possess an inconceivable amount of pure rage, even though I never ever show it I just keep it in myself no matter how hard it would get for me because i fear my anger greatly, it isn't like the other. When I get angry I just lose it, I have too much strength so if God forbid I hurt anybody in my anger they would be way too hurt to walk up.

I hate my anger and I want to get rid of it but when you get angry there is this sickening addiction you get from it, you just want to get angrier and angrier with each passing second and I give in to that too, I seem to like it quite a lot, even though i don't want to , I still like it. Maybe I'm insane or something I don't know, but one thing i do know is that I don't want to hurt anybody,never.

But sometimes you know there really are some situations that get you so ******* angry you literally just want to break something or maybe even kill somebody, I am just expressing of course there is no cause for me to do so and I can't either since I am at home at most times when I am that furious. A pure path of destruction and utter obliteration will lie in anyone's path who will have earned my fury. It is very surprising for me to see that although there was never anyone with me to help suppress my anger,something always did try to calm me down, I can't explain it it just does. I thank that unforeseen force for doing so, I get all these little rashes on my face when I get way too angry.

If there is anyone out there who can tell me why I am filled with this unforgiving wrath, I beg of you please tell me.
Raloxier Raloxier
18-21, M
Jan 15, 2013