I supress my anger as much as possible... there are times when it does come out but that is only when things hit very close to home... meaning individuals who are supposed to care about me bertray that form of trust...

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yea i hear you

I have same thinking that keeping feelings to your self is better than confessions, it just lead to hurting me and my friends used me badly, i dont want you to cry or shout at them but talk to them quietly and tell them that you want a different treatment<br />
if they didnot care or understand you, why are you keep hanging with them they are negative people for you

I've had the same situation many times over. It get to a point where I let it all out and start to focuson what I am most passionate about. Don't suppress it. It will affect you emotionally and sometimes mentally. Just let it go and start thinking about possitive things that can affect your life in a good way.

I use to hold my tongue, but you know you should let people know how you feel, not saying get all out of control but confront your feelings at the time . I use to let my feelings build and build till, visions of my out of controll father would come to mind, I turned into this person.... Thank God that thought would but me back in check with myself, now cross me and you'll hear about it but in a way that is not distructive, I truly believe some people just don't know how abrassive they are, really, and some times the have to be told how they offend you... Good Luck