Is It Impossible to Contuine On With Nothing?

Everyday is a struggle and everyday more and more problems arise and the snowball continues to grow, eventually you get to the breaking point.... The emotions stop and all you feel is this empty numbness that you neither care or show any emotion... This is a goal for me, I want and need to survive everyday and not give up... Its the most difficult challenge to put one foot infront of the other when you have nothing left and you do want to give up because you are going insane, So this is the first entry into surviving each day.

deathsangel deathsangel
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 1, 2009

I have and go to the places where you are at now.In fact yesterday took me there.I hate when I get like this,and why does it sneak up on you I don't ask for it!some days I'm fine.Most allways I can sing my way out or talk my way out by learning from my past.One day I read a flyer that said,A Heart That Can't Sing Is Like A Butterfly With A Broken Wing.I started singing even when I did not want to.Oh I would feel so much better,now I make it a part of my every day life.Many times I sing my feelings and try to make them ryme and be for I know it It's ok!Singing, all is well with my soul is another one.We sometimes we have to take control of what is best for us and do it to, stept out of that bottomless hole.I hope this has helped you just a little.Please know you are not alone.I wish you the best everyday,I'm here if you need me.