My Will Vs. God's Will

I am a born again Chritsian but for years I was afraid to surrender my will to God. I kept trying to do things my way. I would write lists of goals, set schedules, pursue this or that, only to land flat on my butt. I then got angry at God for not making my life work. I am 46 in October and this dilemma has been with me for years. I just couldn't trust God with me and sometimes I was unwilling to give something up because I didn't know it wasn't good for me. I blamed God for my failures. I finally prayed honestly last night and this morning. I asked God to help me stop blaming him and stop being angry with Him. I love hIm and it hurts to feel badly toward him or to think he let me down. He never let me down. I made mistakes and sometimes others hurt me, but God never let me down. This morning I felt at peace, the anger is gone, Praise Jesus. God did for me what I could not do for myself. I ran to Him and gladly handed over my will and my life. for once it wasn't a struggle . I trust Him with me. I'm tired of being in charge and all the stress that comes with running the show. I'm not qualified to do what only God can do. And He gives only good gifts. I surrendered my art, writing, and music, my weight, my back pain, my goals, my aspirations and dreams, my possessions and my schedule. Let all be done in God's time, by His order. I feel so much peace now. I finally feel organized. That feeling of chaos and losing control, of everything falling apart around me, is completely gone. I feel so happy about it I just had to tell someone. I now wake up and give my life to God every morning, I say " I am yours, Lord, make of me what You will, and let me be a blessing to you and others. How can I serve you? I await your instructions. in Jesus name I pray, Amen
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Great choice.Having peace in your soul is such a wonderful thing.I pray things come together for you.

Thank you so much! I had a very peaceful day and things just flowed the way they used to before I took over. God is so good! My best to you!:)