Defriended Family That Only Made Me Feel Worst And Never Offered Any Real Influence In My Life

Did some long deserved housecleaning...defriended family that never found a reason to care or know me for me...want positive in my life.  Most of my life they had presented themselves as better than the rest of the family...never there to help...only judge from a distance.  When I friended them two months ago...I didn't even get a hi!  Not a note...nothing...I figured...I made the first move...why not try to connect with me on a real level rather than some imaginary "family" level.  Not interested in them thinking I want to be a part of "their" circle...and they have no interest in being part of mine.  So there you go...made the decision and I intend to live by it...I even went so far as to tell them why I did so without giving them the chance to reply with lame reasons or malicioius attacks because they can't understand why I have spoken up and become more assertive...give cold...get cold...too much energy to change unchanging people...I need to move on.
srilankaAdventures srilankaAdventures
41-45, F
Dec 17, 2010