What I Saw With Ike....

Well we didn't know what the full strength of this one was.  We prep ed and got ready with the boards on the windows, fastening everything down.  Watching the news every free minute for an update. 

Then it came in the sky went dark about 3:45 PM, it was so quite.  The winds started to pick up at about 6 as the edge of it came into Galveston.  By 11 pm the winds were howling we were worried about tornado's and wind damage to the roof.  There isn't a lot of big trees around us so we were fine there.  3am winds were terrible, power didn't go out on us though, satellite stayed on all night, my wife didn't sleep, couldn't sleep.

11 am the next day the winds were calming down they were still about 30 to 40 MPH but we get that on a normal day.

Reports started coming in on the TV as we continued to watch, the part of Galveston that wasn't protected by the sea wall was washed out, I mean off the map, used to be peoples houses but it is all lumber now.

There was a Pier that had a Hooters and another restaurant plus a hotel.  The next day it is looking like driftwood all piled up, there was people going through the wood looking for items.

Downtown Houston was hit hard also, skyscrapers with all of the windows blown out, water damage to the areas like Texas City, Pasadena, League City, it would be weeks before the schools opened again.

Galveston is still cleaning up.  Power is just getting back to the island.  You may have seen the single house out on High Island (I think that it is where it is) that is still standing because after Rita the home owner requested the builder to built a house that can stand a cat 5. 

For days almost 2 weeks after the Walmart where I live at was pounded by people from Houston on their way home.  Just to give you and idea as to the volume of the store, they did more business in the day after when they opened again than they did on black Friday.  Almost 1.5 million and blk Friday was about 750 thou.

There were lines for everything water, food, batteries, clothes.  There were semi's of milk and would be gone in hours, meat was unable to stay in the coolers.  Anything to charge a cell phone was gone the first day.  Water was going so fast that the stock boy would just bring out a pallet of water and by the time he came back it was gone.

6 hour wait in line for ice.  People just didn't get prepared.  There was 15 registers with 4 self check, ALL had 6 people waiting in line.  (I say six people because it was 1 to 2 carts per family or person waiting in line)

Gas was only available through Shell and Walmart stations.  The lines were bad people getting upset to the point of threats which hurt everyone cause they would just close the station.

It was bad and the people for the most part were good but there were some like in every situation took advantage of the situation, and took out their frustration and blamed the people that were trying to help them.

When other stores started to get power back on and supplies started to roll back in things got better, FEMA had actually learned from Katrina some what and Houston was not as prepared as they should have been but they got through it.

The media was all over it for the first but 1 week later nobody outside of Texas was talking about it.  Even Dallas didn't hear much.  There are many that still are with out there but they are coming back.

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Yes people are still recovering from it......Galveston is still having to dig out.

Glad you were ok...My parents had 10 people come and stay with them from Houston...