Aston R. Rider - age 18

  • killed in an RTA
  • July 5th 2009
He was my boyfriend.

We had been together for 21 months, so nearly 2 years. i would wake up thinking of him, and fall asleep wishing he was with me, in my arms. Now i think about him all the time. We'd been at his house.. being intimate, and we'd just been in the shower. I needed to go off to soccer practise, Aston needed to head off to work. we'd be hooking up  later to go to my ex girlfriends pool party (don't ask) so it wasn't like i wasn't going to see him again...

I drive a blue Audi A3, 2006 model, and it is safe and practical, Aston, who hadn't had a very good year with cars, was driving his Mom's Aston Martin Cabrio (it was an in-joke between the family) he had owned an Acura RSX, but that got T-boned by a Lincoln Navi a few months back, and the car before was stolen then torched. So he had to take his mom's car. We had a quick kiss goodbye before i got into my car, and turned right at the end of the drive, heading towards the College. Aston was heading to town, where he worked in a coffee shop, so he turned left. the road he lived on was dead straight, until it got to two intersections at either end. i could see him in my rear view mirror, and i assume he could see me. My light was red, so i was stopped. his however changed to green, so he pulled out. then everything seemed to happen at once.. but all in slow motion.

As Aston pulled onto the main road, a Nissan Altima was travelling in the opposite direction, behind it, a Stolen BMW M5 was overtaking, in a no overtaking zone. the M5 tried to avoid Aston, but it ploughed straight into the front of his car. the speed deceleration caused the BMW to flip up onto it's nose, then to crash down onto the DB9 Aston was driving, the BMW then slid onto it's side, wedging itself between the Altima and Aston. barricading his door. I remeber screaming his name and slamming my car around and heading towards the accident. Cops chsing the stolen car were already on the scene, and another driver had called the ambulance. i screeched to a halt, leaving my car across the road, and sprinted towards Aston, i was blocked off by one of the cops, who held me back as i saw the M5 driver climb out of his wreck and try to run, i screamed at him and he was tackled by three more cops. Aston was unconscious, the was blood on his face and a slow trickle coming from under his hairline. the paramedics arrived and so did a firetruck, they managed to move the M5 and got Aston out, and into an ambulance. I wanted to go with them, but Aston's mom went. she looked devastated. I followed the ambulance to the hospital, running the red light it ran and overtaking other cars where i could. we got to the hospital and i don't remember much.. it all became a blur, i remember sitting in the lounge with Astons mom, and a doctor came out and told us that he ha da lt of glass in him, and that he might make it. we went to his room, and sat with him for 30 hours straight. It was starting to look hopeful, becuase when we'd talk to him his eyes would flicker. then his mom went to find a doctor and everything went wrong. i was sitting with two cops, and a nurse trying to comfort me. His heart had been casuing him problems for a few years, but it was never classed as serious, then every monitor he was wired into started beeping and flashing, His mom came in a stood by the door. crying. she just said, Aston baby, i love you. it's not worth the fight.
It was like he'd understood. his heart just stopped. i screamed his name again, cursing the BMW driver and the world. I felt a woman slip her hand into mine and squeeze it. Astons mom. the nurse and doctor called it. and left us alone. Astons mom went to his bedside and kissed his hand, and stroked his face, which still had horrid cuts and bits of glass embedded form where the windscreen exploded in his beautiful face. I went to him and kissed his forehead, the same forehead i'd been kissing in the shower only 30 hours ago. I still can't believe he's gone.

the M5 driver was sentenced  for manslaughter, grand theft auto and several other counts. he's NEVER coming out.

Aston's mom and I have never been so close. We miss our boy. He was the world to us. and he was Taken.
2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

That is a very sad story and your boyfriend is walking in Gods Gardens, enjoying the other life we will all have when we leave this one. I recall the night when the OPP,Ontario provincial police came to my chalet at 3:15 am. Cujo wouldnt stop barking and I knew why they were there.Richie, my only child, was killed instantly by a drunk goof who "took over the car" with three of his snow-boarder friends and his girl-friend with him. Its devastating when something like this happens and in my case, it kept on coming.two yrs to the day, Ryan, his best friend, hung himself and left a two page letter for me to read at his funeral,saying"he was going to be with his best friend". I almost died myself that day.
God is with us,Everyday.

sorry to hear about your loss, you can never forget someone you loved, you just find a way to deal with it. I am glad you were with him in his last.