Not A Car, A Tractor Trailer

It was January 27, 2004. My truck slid on some ice. I took down at least 2 pine trees, and put my head through the driver side window. One hospital did a CT scan and said I fractured 3 vertebrae. So they transferred me, by ambulance, to another hospital. The second hospital was a 1 and 1/2 hour drive on clear dry roads. There was ice everywhere that night. And since ice had caused my accident, I was a little freaked out in the back of the ambulance. The good news was that the second hospital did 2 CT scans and determined that either the dr at the first hospital had misread the test, or the first hospitals scanner had malfunctioned.
I do still have neck and head problems though. And I have a nice scar where my seat belt cut my left ear in half.
So if you take anything from my story...
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Jul 22, 2010