I Shouldn't Have Survived...

Two weeks ago I was in a terrible car accident that I caused do to my own negligence and distractions. After having taken a rather stressful test in a class at school, I had picked up my best friend, and we decided to go out and blow off some steam. We went to a nice club where I was relaxing, enjoying the evening with her. During our outing she had met someone whom she found interesting and after some time of us all talking and having fun, she decided to go home with him. Having had my fun and feeling tired, I started my drive back home. After having driven out of the town, and on the service road of the highway, I started to fiddle with the radio trying to pick a station to listen to. While I was distracted I ran a red light. The next thing I remember was the loud impact and the sound of crunching metal and shattering glass followed by another quick impact and more horrible metal twisting. Somehow I immediately got out of my car, without looking at the damage, and saw the other driver walking towards me. I remember asking him if he was alright and seeing no visible injuries on him but then he asked me, in a more serious tone if I was alright and said that I was bleeding a lot. The next thing I remember was being put onto a stretcher and the ambulance ride to the hospital. I had never been in an ambulance before and was so disoriented from the crash. Once we got to the hospital I was immediately rushed to the ER, watching the ceiling lights and doctors surround the stretcher. I kept apologizing for what I did while they rushed around checking my injuries. After a long while of going in and out of consciousness, a doctor came over and told me that they didn't know how I got out of my car and only sustained the injuries that I did. He told me that I had some lacerations on my face and a broken nose from the air bag deploying along with just a few cuts from my seat belt and a laceration on my right leg. They told me how lucky I was and that if anyone else was in the car that they wouldn't have survived. Having had no knowledge of what my car looked like, I had no idea to what extent the damage had been. It's almost two weeks later and almost all of my cuts have healed but today I had to go to the auto body shop to collect my things from my car and to see the damage for myself. When I arrived at the shop, I went into their office and asked about my car, the owner came over and shook my hand telling me that in all his years of dealing with cars in accidents, mine was the worst he had ever seen and he couldn't believe that I was standing there still alive. I told him that I hadn't seen my car yet and he warned me that it wasn't a pretty sight. He walked me around the side of the garage and there, behind other dented cars, was the remnants of my 2000 Dodge Neon, my very first car. I couldn't have prepared myself for what I saw: The entire passenger side was crushed in all the way to the armrest in the center of the car, the windshield was peeled away and shattered, broken glass littering the interior. The back seat was swallowed by the caved in trunk and the two wheels on the passenger side were bent like they were made out of tinfoil. It barely resembled what I had used to drive around. The only part of the car that looked almost untouched was the drivers seat. My seat. Somehow I managed to survive an accident that from anyones perspective, looks like there would be no survivors. Had my best friend come home with me, she wouldn't be alive. I have a brand new appreciation for my life and for all the lives of those who get behind the wheel. I will never take advantage of this opportunity I was given and am so unbelievably grateful to be alive. Driving a car is not a responsibility to take lightly, it is a very serious privilege that many people, including myself, have failed to understand. I know accidents happen, I have the scars to remember mine by, but I hope that they are few and far between and that all drivers know that in the end, cars can be fixed, cuts will heal, and everyday you are alive is another day to learn from your mistakes and to make the most of what you have.
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wow god must have been with you that night. glad you werent hurt any worse then you wer an your best friend wasnt with you.

I was involved in a similar car accident almost two weeks ago, I can totally relate, I was alone but everyone keeps asking how I survived? It's by Gods grace, I believe I. A living testimony and have been given a second chance, there's no way I'm messing it up this time round! I hae a little ou who still needs me and a life to live! Everydays a gift, embrace it!

People don't realise just how dangerous cars are! I never did, if the driver ever wanted to go fast I would care, I'd think 'ah I'll be fine, nothing bad will happen' but its basically a large crushable box flying along the road with other crushable boxes! Like I cant believe there aren't more accidents every day?! I will never be able to feel so carefree with 'dangerous' drivers again, but that's totally a good thing, its just a shame that 99% of people don't realise how dangerous it is until its too late.....

I hope this story reaches many who will consider their own mortality, and step back and take a good look at the callousness when they are behind the wheel. I have a son, 23, who thinks he is invincible. He had an accident a couple of months ago, he flipped his NEON (yes, you read that right) It landed up on it's top. was submerged in cold water. I was terrified when I received the phone call in the wee hours of that morning. I had a bad feeling all that night, like an instinct. <br />
Like you, he was lucky. The people who wrecked in the exact same curve just twp weeks prior were not so lucky. I don;t see where my son has learned anything from his good luck, and I won't ride with him. I Haven't for a long time, he scared me. <br />
I am so glad you are okay, and that you seem to have learned a valuable lesson. Good Luck, I hope you live life to the fullest, consider this as God giving you a second chance.........