Summer 1988

The only really bad crash I've been in was my fault. I was 18 and driving to work in another town along a 2 lane highway that is known for deadly crashes. It was payday and I was driving directly into the rising sun so I didn't have a very clear view of the road ahead. I saw my turn off and slowed a bit, cut into the oncoming lane intending to cut the turn a bit when there was a horrible crash. My hat and glasses flew off and my head hit the steering wheel so hard I cut my forehead and bent the steering wheel.

I had no idea what had happened. My first thought was the transmission had failed but then I looked up and realized I'd just turned in front of some poor guy on his way to work.

We were both wearing seat belts and we both walked away from a head on collision. I never saw the guy coming and he had no warning at all that I was going to turn in front of him. I'm so glad he was wearing a seat belt because if he hadn't he'd have been killed and it would have been my fault.
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Sorry to hear that, do u have any pictures of the crash?