The Other Driver Failed To Yield In A Left Turn

It was a perfect sunny Monday morning, I had a great sleep the bight before, I was driving to work, almost got there. I passed the last traffic light and out of no where I saw a car making a left turn I slammed my breaks but wasn't enough. I crashed straight, right into the passenger area of the other car. Luckily no one was sitting there.

It was one horrifying moment: slammed my breaks, crashed into the car, heard the crash sound and the airbag deployed to save my life!

I describe it as a very long second until my brained briefed itself with the scene, I moved my hands and legs which gave me assurance. I crashed close by a fire station so they were in the spot. A man asked me Are you OK? I told him I'm OK but I'm scared. In these situation, a person just freeze and you need someone to tell you what to do. I clicked my seat belt, opened the door and walked away.

I just can't get it out of my head, I wish the other person just simply yielded or I spotted the car earlier, or my car just magically stopped before the crash 
rtahboub rtahboub
Jun 12, 2012