Icy Road On Way Home

About 6 yrs ago,myself and a friend were on our way back from a job down south where we had left late at night and took a 5 hr drive back home...about 3am on a bitterly cold morning we went onto a winding road and after the 2nd bend we hit some black ice and went into a tailspin which made us hit a streetlight which we damaged beyond repair,the crash left us in the middle of the road and we both got out ok,when the police arrived they told us that if we hadnt hit the streetlight we would have gone straight thru the drystone wall and it was a 60 drop at the other side of the wall...a fact we took home with us was a certain death awaited us at the other side of that wall...scarey isnt it?
mukydaz mukydaz
46-50, M
1 Response Jul 30, 2012

This kind of thing is why I refuse to drive