Helicopter Rides Are Fun

So once upon a time three years ago i was a stupid crazy teenager. That night I was hanging at a friends house drinking and doing different drugs. At around 5 am my friend (Gumby) wanted me to go with him and his buddy (Shawn) down the road to the store because they wanted to show me something. So i get in the backseat of the ford exploder. but there happened to be no seat belts or back seats at all. I normally wear seat belts all the time but drugs make you not care so I got in and sat on the floor in the back.
Shawn (the driver) starts speeding at about 90 mph going crazy around corners. Then Gumby (in passenger seat) climbs out the window and grabs hold of the rack on top of the exploder "car surfing", at 90 mph. At first I was laughing but all of a sudden my body flew up and hit the side (inside) of the exploder. I got scared and started to climb in the front seat. I remember seeing shawn laughing and saying "dont worry we are really close to the house". Then everything went black.
Next thing I know i wake up to hear crunching metal. I realize I am lying in the road so I push myself up off the ground. I try to run but I dont get very far, just to the ditch on the side of the street. I look down at my hands and see droplets falling. I momentarily think this is rain but then realize it is blood spurting from my head. I realize now i cant see out of my left eye. I reach to touch my forehead and it feels like wet warm mushed up leaves smashed to the top of my head (it was really my hair and scalp).
I then start to feel laughter and I shout to my friends, "you guys, i am not ok." I then feel like somebody has suddenly taken a baseball bat and beat me in the hip so I collapse. Gumby comes over to me and holds me saying "they will be here soon".
Next I hear a man telling my friend to put me down because Im dead. But i open my mouth and start to say my house number and i need to talk to my mother asap. the ambulance was there but in moments a helicopter showed up and they put me on a stretcher and cut off my clothes and started stabbing me all over with needles. I kept asking them to call my mother, all i could think in my head was my mother was going to be really disappointed in me for being out and if i dont apologize right away she will kick my ***. I asked the people that were working on me if i would survive and they said they are doing the best they can. so i held on to the thought of my mother and i kept screaming at them to let me call her right now (i later learn that i was faintly speaking and not shouting at all).
On the helicopter they ask me if im pregnant i immediately say no (because i know im not) then i automatically look down at myself and notice there is a massive bulge like big ball in my stomach. (it was more to the right hip side). I later find out that this happened because i had been hit so hard that all of my blood was pouring into that spot in my body causing it to swell making me look pregnant.
When i arrive at the hospital they give me a minute to see my mother before surgery. (at this point i had no idea what the extent of my injuries were) I apologized to her and she said its ok sweety your father is on his way.
Then they take me into surgery and i have to be awake the whole time as they are cleaning and stapling me back together. The staples hurt but the worst part was when they took a wire brush and scraped the pavement out of my face. I couldnt handle it when she got to my left eye so I made her stop. (because i made her stop scraping, i now have a black scar above my left eye where there is still pavement in my face.
After surgery my mom comes in to see me. i could move enough to tell i had both arms and legs but i had a hard time breathing and could see a bandage on my chest so i freaked out "mom?" and she said "yes?" and i said "do i still have my boobs?" and she laughed saying "yea honey your boobs are fine"
I said "ok im golden"
then the doctor walks in to check on me and he says let me look at those teeth. I am in a lot of pain and i feel this sense of "nothing worse can happen so i might as well smile"
I give the doctor a big grin.
One of my molars is cracked and three of my top front teeth are broken, one is 2/3 gone. a few of my bottom ones are chipped.
I had a hard time speaking and saying what i needed. It was like I knew what i wanted to say and my mouth would not communicate it.
I had been hit twice in the head on my left front side (this controls many things including speech and emotions)
My injuries:
I got a traumatic brain injury. I had three facial fractures and skull fractures. (i got a bunch of stitches and 13 staples) A crack goes from the front of my face next to my nose and wraps around to the backside of my head. another one goes from my left eye to the back of my head. And there is an indent on my forehead. I broke my nose and my eye socket. (which is why i couldnt see out of my left eye) I was de-gloved (i dont wanna explain it so look it up)
I had a lacerated spline and my hip thing i mentioned earlier. I was hit in the chest so hard that it hit my right lung and i was coughing up rocks and blood for a long time. literally. i had road rash all over my body and glass in my feet and hands. They gave me 2 yrs estimated recovery time.
I had to be in a wheel chair and when i was finally able to go home i had to have help to the bathroom (which because of the hema toma in my hip it hurt sooooo bad to use the bathroom) someone had to be with me all the time they had to bath me too. I had to go to physical therapy to learn how to use my right hand (it would act on its own) and learn how to walk.

there is a lot more to this story but i am tired and going to bed.
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i was so tired i realized i didnt tell you what happened- the SUV's front axle broke sending the SUV up a hill then we rolled down it. I hit the windshield and was ejected into the pavement. I did not press charges but the state did and the driver is now in prison for 8 years because he got measure 11. anyways moral of the story-dont be an idiot like me.