Spun Out Across 5 Lanes of Freeway Traffic.

I was on my way to help a friend puppy shop yesterday at around 1 30 PM... I was on 280 S, crossing the 7th St exit in the fast lane when I saw something on the road and tried to avoid it and moved a little to the right at 75 mph, my car somehow swerved towards the left, smashed into the divider and spun out over 5 lanes of traffic to the exit lane. Once I realized there was no way I could control my car, I shut my eyes and thought ok it'll be over really soon - everything will be pitch black and silent. I heard screeching, my own car swerving, I could see light and SLAM - my car stopped. I opened my eyes and the airbags had already popped up and I started coughing because of the powder from the airbag. I unbuckled my seat belt and saw people running towards my car. I opened the car door and a man came up to me asking whether I was alright, I tried to get up from my seat but he told me not to move. I had apparently hit another car, merely tapped it - they were in the exit lane and breaked just in time. A man and woman possibly in their mid-30's. They came running to me as I got out and the woman was shaking badly and had tears in her eyes. They both asked whether I was ok. I had no clue I had hit someone else. I asked whether they were hurt and they said they were fine, just a little shook up. I began apologizing and started to cry because I felt so terrible. They were amazing - they comforted me and told me it was an accident. Someone had already called 911. Apparently there was oil leaking from my car, so I grabbed my phone and got away from it and called my brother. As I sat on the side of the freeway and wept, several people slowed down their cars to see whether we were ok; a man gave me a thumbs up and nodded his head and I nodded back. I heard sirens and the cops, a firetruck and an ambulance arrived. The paramedics had a look at my arms and asked whether I was hurting anywhere, just my arms were bruised and scraped and my knee was aching. One made me squeeze his fingers and wiggle my toes and look up and down to make sure there was no pain in my neck and back. He then checked my blood pressure and pulse. They asked whether I wanted to go to the hospital as there was an ambulance for me - there was a stretcher on the side. I was just a little shook up, plus I don't have medical insurance so I said I was ok. I hadn't even noticed the front of my car first... I thought it would be mildy dented. It was completely squashed from the front... the bumper lay on the side of the left most lane that I was in initially. I couldn't believe it. They soiled it, to make sure it didn't catch fire. A cop came to get some of my information, and my brother and his friend came running. I started to cry even more when I hugged my brother. I kept thinking about my dad and mother - my brother had totaled his car 2 months ago, and it just got repaired for nearly 10 grand and came back a week ago. My father just went through open heart surgery and is out of town. And here I was, adding extra stress to his life. The people whose car I hit were incredible, apparently they didn't even get a dent on their car so they didn't even file charges. They kept asking how I was and I kept apologizing. Before they left, they came up to me one last time and wished me luck with my insurance and told me to take care. My car got towed and I left with my brother and his friend.

Overall, it was a total mindfuck and I don't know how I got out alive with so much oncoming traffic over 5 freeway lanes. I guess I just burnt off a LOT of karma and should be grateful I am still breathing and still have use of all my limbs and organs.

Thank you, God.

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Please share on Facebook/vehicleaccidentrecovery , I am also a survivor and could use some fellow survivors to help?

Mine was a similar story. Just a few days ago I was heading to meet up with an instructor. It was pouring rain and I thought I was driving at a safe speed of 50 something mph. But then all of a sudden, I must hit a puddle on the freeway and my car loss grip and spun out of control. I hydrospunned from the middle lane and came rolling off a steep hill. I, also, thought that was it. I might not make it. But at the end of the hill I was stopped by a bush. I try calling for help but 911 was busy (there were 6-10 other accidents going on at around the same time on the same freeway). Luckily someone had saw me rolling down the hill and came to help. I walked out almost without any scratches. I only have a bruise to my left arm and a small bump on my head. I, too dont have medical insurance, so I told the paramedics if I dont have to go to the hospital I dont want to. All the big dents were on the passenger side or away from me. Thank god there was no passenger. Thank god I did not hit another car. Thank god there were no trees or poles in the way. Everyone tells me I must have an angel watching over me. I truly believe so, too. I dont know who exactly. But I thank that angel very much.


I had replica experience few days back and I survived :)<br />
Thank you God!

Thanks :) I am beyond grateful right now, and instead of being emo about it - I'm celebrating life these days.<br />
<br />
I hope your friend is doing well now!