I T-boned a Dump Truck-trailer Unit.

It was a sunny summer day and I was out driving runnng errands in my little dodge colt. I approached an intersection, the light was green and the way was clear so I proceeded into the intersection. A dump truck pulling a trailer blew thru the red light on the cross street and I hit the side of the trailer, head on at 50 kms/hour. My car flew backwards,  spun out in a complete circle and came to rest on the cross street, approx. 100 feet away from the intersection and facing in the opposite direction that I had been driving in. I didn't see the truck until after the crash and have no memory of the crash, I didn't even realize what had happened until after I got out of the car and saw the damage to my car- it was totalled. A witness told me I had hit a truck and then she called an ambulance. The truck driver admitted it was his fault and apologized to me but I was too shocky to really comprehend anything or respond to him. All I could say was "you killed my car'. The paramedics came,  took me to the hospital on a backboard and the truck driver got a ticket for running a red light.

When I spoke to  police at the emergency ward later, they told me how lucky I had been. If I had entered that intersection a millesecond earlier than I did the truck would have t-boned me on the drivers side and driven right over my little car, a millesecond later and I would have gone under the truck,  been  crushed by the rear wheels and possibly decapitated.... someone was watching over me that day.

I ended up with a concussion, a severe whiplash injury,  a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder, sprained wrists and numerous scrapes and bruises. It's been almost 5 months since the crash,  I am still going to physio 3 times a week and am slowly recovering but I'm still having a difficult time driving. I just don't trust  other drivers on the road and it scares the heck out of  me being behind the wheel of a car in traffic. I know how lucky I was that day and the thought of what could have happened still gives me cold shivers.

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"You killed my car." That made me laugh. It's interesting sometimes. what the first reaction is when involved in a car accident and still conscious. When I was in mine, my first reaction was to protect my neck and head. My second reaction was to cry. I wasn't even injured, and neither was my mom, also in the car. Our car was barely dented, actually.

I went through the same thing,I t boned a guy doing 65mph , when i came to a stop it was complet silence like i never experienced . I had no pain , i was calm , it was dark , I looked to my passenger window and a woman was looking at me , she did not say anything , nodded at me as i sat there stunned and dazed, then disappeared, i thought i was dead, then after the nod , i felt the pain of the crash , I am a believer but not a fanatic, I have dreams still cause its been 8 weeks, not of the crash but of the person who looked at me , NOBODY SEEN HER AT THE SCENE, I cant shake that thought .

Thank you Allandall,<br />
I have no doubt that someone was on my side that afternoon and I am very thankful.<br />
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Maybe we will meet one day, you should come here for a vacation and I'll show you the town- you can do the driving though LOL- you'd like it here, it's a cool place :)

You are a survivor, meant to meet me. xx<br />
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God is on your side that is for sure.

Hi catya,<br />
Thank you for your concern. I am still having problems with my memory and concentration as well as headaches and pain/muscle spasms in my neck and back. I am waiting for an MRI on my shoulder and will likely need surgery once that is done. The ultra sound does not show the full extent of the damage to the rotator cuff and they need to know that before they can plan for surgery. I am going to physio twice a week now but nothing can be done about my shoulder until we know the results of the MRI.<br />
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Driving is still difficult for me, I am very nervous behind the wheel of a car and it's not getting any easier. I don't like being anywhere near trucks and I find myself stopping at green lights to maker sure the way is clear before entering an intersection. I've had to pull the car over a few times due to panic attacks and I'm having nightmares about crashing cars and broken glass. I avoid driving when I can and am really only using the car to go to physio and medical appointments.<br />
I guess it's going to take time.<br />
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Donna67, thanks for your comment, I know how lucky I was, my guardian angel was working overtime that day :)

Hi - just wondered how you are now - a few more weeks on. How are you physically and are you feeling any differently about driving. I can only imagine the courage it must have taken to get back behind that wheel again.