Third Times the Charm.

About two weeks ago, I was driving with my friend and my other friend's dad to the store, when a lady came out of nowhere, running a red light and plowing into our car. I was in the backseat, and I had actually turned to my friend to show her a card trick, so I didn't see anything, I just heard the driver say "sh*t!" and felt the immense force of a car accident. I remember the swerving of the car, and the loudness of grass and metal crunching. The next thing I knew, smoke filled the car from the airbags and I could hardly breath or see. I heard my friend sobbing, "I can't breathe!" but I wasn't too worried about her because the impact was on my side, she wasn't bleeding anywhere, and I could tell she was just in shock. After I calmed my friend down, and a bunch of people asked me if I was okay, I started to laugh. I couldn't help it....


Flashback maybe seven months. I was driving home from the city with my Grandma, when all of a sudden this drunk driver slammed into our car. I can't explain the suddenness, or the odd length of it; you won't understand unless you've been in a car accident. I was nearly blinded with the brightness of headlights inches from my face, and for what seemed to be several moments I was accutely aware of the world around me. I could hear the noises, slamming into my ears, crash, crash, crash. Somehow, I could see myself from above, my hair flowering out around my head, glowing in the halo of the headlights. Pressure, thats the other thing. It felt as though a giant hand was pushing on my whole body. And the pain of my head slamming into the window. For the first few minutes I could do nothing more than sit, shaking, telling my grandma that I thought we were in a car accident, which at the time seemed like a reasonable guess, not the obvious truth. My mind tells me that at least five people stopped by to ask me if I was okay, but all I remember is one, a young man with deep green eyes that bore into mine and snapped me out of it. I climbed into the backseat, which was nearly destroyed, to grab my phone, hidden in a six inch pile of broken glass. My door was crushed shut, so I stumbled out on the other side. Beyond any of the emotions that I'd already felt that night, things that I could never describe with the most advanced vocabulary, I've never felt like I did when I saw the outside of the car for the first time. The backseat, on my side, was crushed, folded in on itself, and the indentation continued slightly to the front seat where I had sat. Our car had been pushed across two lanes of traffic; had we stopped sooner we might have caused another accident, as the police weren't quick to arrive. Had we turned a second later, it would have been the front seat that was hit. And even more shocking, I was supposed to have been there. I was climbing into the backseat when my Grandma invited me to sit up from. I almost declined. Almost.

So that's why I was laughing. My luck was better than anyone I'd ever heard of. Each time, everything lined up perfectly so that I was literally unharmed, except a little soreness once and a bump on my head the other time; neither time did I go to the ER.

The more recent time, the driver had just bough a new car, days before the accident. Let me say I am thankful for those spiffy new side airbags that cushioned my head when the lady hit us and again when the back of the car slammed into a pole that threw me back to the side again.

But the similarities were almost eerie (not to mention the very short time between them):

both times I was driving with someone other than my parents,

both times my parents were out of town.

both times the reasons I was in the car was related to this acting program I do.

both times it was night,

both times it was the other cars fault,

both times the impact was on my side,

both times i got really, really lucky.


So let's just say that when, two weeks ago, I stepped out of the smoke infested car and was confronted by bits of our vehicle strewn across several lanes of road, all I could do was crack a smile, look up to the sky and think to myself, "Wow. That better not happen again. I got lucky twice, but you know what they say....third time's the charm."

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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

You were very lucky, both crashes could potentially have been deadly. Someone was watching over you and keeping you safe.<br />
I like this story, your description of the aftermath of these accidents is so accurate it gives me chills. I remember feeling the same way after my accident, it seemed almost unreal seeing the damage to my car.<br />
I'm glad you are ok :)