Twice So Far

I agree and really feel that you are given a second or third chance because you are supposed to achieve or do something important for you or others. When I was 15 I was cycling home with a friend and at a junction three cars passed me on my side and to this day I swear I checked and I crossed into the incoming traffic and then realised that two metres from me was a car about to hit me!! I turned the wheel to face the car and it hit me at about 50mph. Everything slowed right down at this point and I must have blacked out just after impact because I can remember very bright white light and seven or eight seminal images from my life flash thorugh my mind. Then I came to just after I landed on the roof slid down onto the bonnet and off the car to stand rather shakily next to it!! They got out of the car and I apologised. Off to hospital with a shattered collar bone!! But ;ucky.

Second accident was when I was driving a Honda Blackbird and hit the back of the car, my fault but she stopped on a main road for no reason, no turning nothing!! Anyway everything slowed down and I knew I had left my braking too late!! The ABS did not help and I skidded at at angle and swearing hit the rear drivers corner of the car. I flew over the car and into the oncoming traffic where I lay for a second until a car drove over my legs. Downer that she braked as she drove over my right leg as she twisted off the cruciate ligament and shattered the top of the tibia! But really good motorbike gear helped a lot (never skimp on this and always buy the most expensive you can afford, will only help you once but boy is it worth it)!!

Funniest thing the woman in the gold Sierra who drove over me tried to claim I had written off her car and claim £850 in damages.


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I am fine physically. I have a some pain in my knee after the ACL reconstruction when its cold and after driving for a long time but these just blend in to all the other injuries and broken bones I have had from sport and other stuff. Just try and learn from them and not carry fear.<br />
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Wow not sure how I would have coped having my jaw wired that can't be nice!!<br />
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Glad your brother made the recovery prairiedogadventures!

Dang, are you still fully funcitonal, physically?<br />
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I've been in one bad wreck. Had some stitches, a friend had to have his jaw wired shut for about a month. Everybody was ok though.