Aftermath Of A Crash For The Ones Left Behind

I was only 9 months old when my parents went 2 a xmas party on xmas eve.I ne3ver got the chance 2grow up with my parents.They never made it home that night.They were in an accident on the way home and my mum was killed straight away,my dad died shortly after in the ambulance.The paper wrote the story on xmas day saying how i would never get 2 meet my parents.All because of that 1 decision my dad made 2go out that night my life was changed 4eva.I was fostered by my dads sister/husband for 10 yrs then dumped in an orphanage.Then I was flown 2 south Australia 2 live with my dads brothers family.I never fitted in and left home when I was 16.I have spent many years feeling totally alone in this world until I had my own children.I drummed it down there throats that drink driving was not a good idea and I would not let them eva buy a motor-bike.Pretty bad hang-up.So when you make a decision remember every action has a re-action and in my was a life changing one for a lot of people!!Enjoy ur time with ur family because u can lose it in the blink of an eye.I DID and because of that I probably gave more than I should have 2my own kids but what the???u only live 4 a short while and their childhood was a lot better than mine.

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I'm so sorry for the loss of your parents, and that tragically that led to a dysfunctional childhood. How hard it must have been to be shuffled about and never feeling at home. Hope you have found peace.

That would be hard. Not knowing your parents. I know some what how that feels. My own father dod hardly anything with me. He died when i was ten years old. I have no memories of him. I don't know how to forgive someone. That isn't around any more.

Sorry for your loss

by the time i was 23 i had buried all of my childhood freinds,i saw two of them get shotguned to death right in front of me,watched as one of my freinds died in a housefire.another died from a accidental poisoning

Thank You, your words of wisdom could save a life.....Bless you.

Why did the Lord's permissive will do that. (why both parents)<br />
I'm hurt leave a two year old and add rejection and abadonment to this. <br />
Not a blessed start.<br />


So true, no boring details but I know what you mean. Life is precious. Don't abuse the privelege. If that is you and your kids, you certainly made sure you weren't alone. What a beautiful family! I'm happy to know things turned out for you.

wow D:

wow, im so sorry for what you went through. theres times when im like ugh i hate living here in my mother house. but i see people have it way worse then i do and we dont even realize it. God bless your every step. Im srry that your family was taken away from you, but im very glad that you are raising your children to be at their best. drinking and driving has not hurt me or my family yet. from what i know. and i hope that it never does, but your story def,. makes me think before i ever drink and drive. god bless you

That made me cry after 2 lines, such a sad sad waste. Then to be brought up where you knew you didnt fit in or feel loved, must of been one pretty horrible life eh?<br />
But you can make your life so much better through this, dont waste to much time dwelling on the past hun, its happened now and look at you. <br />
Give yourself credit and think , stand back and linger on the good things you have done, for getting through this alone and for enabling yourseelf to bring your own family into the world. Thats a great achievement for a person who has all the support they need, but for you, i always think its so much bigger.<br />
im trying to teach my friend the same right now her story is not like yours but in the end she got dumped unloved and she may as well not had a parent alive even though they were. She is such a caring loving person and i just put my faith in god and realise she is the person she is today because of the bad stuff that happened. She, like you, is the inspiration to us all, you give us hope that we can do it. So keep telling yourself, YES it was bad and YES it was sad but your here with us still struggling to cope and trying to do whats best for you.<br />
A kind friend once told me that "the choices we make, whether they turn out to be right or wrong in the end, at the time we made them, we thought it was for the best. We dont make choices and hope they go wrong, we make choices cause we want to be right. No one in this world can ever say they made the right one everytime, and thats life.

hi grnwd82 thank u 4 commenting on my story.If u go 2 the I Love My Family section u will c another story called Pain Made Me Stronger that I have shared.It will show u how that decision made so many years ago affected my life.Some of my choices were wrong but I didnt understand that at the time I made them.I just wanted my kids 2b happy.I often worry that God will not 4give me but it was just food and toys so hopefully!!!.please feel free 2 express ur opinion.Yet in answer 2ur comment funnily enough the 1 person I cant 4give is my dad.He is the reason my mum died.IF ONLY????