Texas Senic Tour Nightmare

It was January 7th 2012 and it was just a normal day. Woke up extra early to take a 4 hour road trip with my sister's fiance. Can't for the life of me remember what the actually route name was but that's rather irrelivent at this point. I was rideing a Kawasaki Ninja 250R With an HJC helmet. Tourmaster Skid jacket, Alpine star boots and gloves. I tell you this because they all had a factor in saving my life. Back to the story.... We headed out at about 8:45 Am and we decided to head to qa coffee shope to kit of some college girls. Just for fun mind you. It was turning out to be a normal ride until we hit 1385 (which intersects with 380). I suddenly got a sinking feeling like everything was going wrong. We were approaching the S turn on 1385 so as usual I passed her to drag knee thru the S turn. I had recently got a speeding ticket so I didn't go past 45 mph... Still faster then my sister's fiance was going. Thats when some guy in a car (can't remeber make or model) turned in front of me and stopped trying to make it to the cross street. I hit him and was never the same. My head hit the top corner panel of the car, followed by my shoulder, also got racked by the wind screen of my bike. I then did a ragdoll thru the air and landed on my left side. Extent of the damage: Broken shoulder, 6 seperated ribs, Bruised lung, Bruised bladder, and the worst of them all. A desintegrated vertabrae which resulted in 2 rods and 25 screws going down my back. Covering 11 vertabrae. There are up-sides to everything though. I now have a loving Girlfriend who I want to spend the rest of my life with and I wouldn't have met her if I never would have had the wreck. I am Ricky and I am 19 years old. The scary fact is. It can happen to you
RickyS1993 RickyS1993
18-21, M
May 22, 2012