Almost Home

It happened on a sunday during the memorial weekend. I left Houston around 8:00 am to have breakfast with my brother. He lives in Fayetteville texas which is out in the country going towards Austin. There are a couple of ways: take I-10 or the backroads. I wanted to get there quick so I took I-10. I got to his place around 9:30 and had a nice breakfast and then headed back around 10:45 am. The ride back to Houston was very nice. Light traffic. I got off the exit from the freeway and my house was only 3 miles away. Up ahead to my right there is a vietnamese church and the services was just over. I could tell there was a lot of cars trying to get out of the side street. one vehicle got out in front of me but he was cleared and then out of now where this Lexus suv came out of that side street and I knew I was going to t-bone him. I was doing about 40 mph and there was just no time to brake. All I could do was just brace myself with the handlebars. The impact was tremendous. I felt my head and body crash against the side of the suv. I could hear steel mangling and glass breaking. It was a cold stop and I fell to the pavement. I did not lose conscious but was completely in a daze and confusion. I tried to get up but could not. I could move my extremeties so I took my helmet off. I was able to call my wife and someone there helped me tell where I was. Next thing I know the ambulance and police are there. The paramedics put a neck brace on me start asking me questions. I was in a state of confusion and rambling. The paramedic says that I have head trauma and were going to take me to Ben Taub which is a level 1 trauma center. They had me on gurney and then into the ambulance and I was surprised to see my wife was already in the ambulance. My daughter was there as well and she stayed to get the other drivers information.  I arrived at the ER and had a CT scan done of my head and spinal cord. No injuries there. My right hand and elbow were swollen. X--rays showed my righ hand fractured and elbow had lacerations that required stitches. I had extreme bruising everywhere including my crotch area. I spent 12 hours in the ER. As I look back, I realized my full face helmet saved my life. I thank the lord I survived and think I was almost home.
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