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i ve had a125 motorbike for abt 4 years now and loved the freedom of the open road up until the 26 th nov 2012,as normal i would wear all my protective clothes ,never would go out on the bike without them ,that day i came out of work at 2oclock ,it was raining , going a long 30 mile an hour road ,then this car braked infront of me ,so i braked as well ,only normal i would be fine but this time the bike come away from me and i landed on the ground knee first.lucky there wasn t any traffic behind as i could move ,i now have a broken knee cap and leg ,fracture foot and a three year recovering .on lots of pain killer .on sick pay.now worryed , how i will survive ,sick pay just abt pays my bills .....coming up to xmas and i can t buy my son his pressie .....does any know any thing i can do to get me through this
skysexy skysexy
41-45, F
Dec 7, 2012