Motorbikes Are Fun But Dangerous... Im a Lucky Survivor..

One late night I was chilling with some mates and decided to go home to grab some CD's which was just 5 minutes away. So I went home, grabbed what I wanted and started heading back to my mates place. The whole way is main road with is only 2 turns. About a quarter distance left returning, a driver didn't see me riding over the hill on the main road. She quickly pulled out of the left side street in such close distant that it was impossible to avoid collision or to even brake... The impact was at maximum road speed. 

3 hours I woke up in hospital. I don't remember the first few days very well because what had happened was that my head was the first thing to smash against car and then I went flying for a fair distant... My brain was bleeding and I was in intensive care being closely monitored for brain damage.. my left arm had snapped/crushed in a few places so they re-constructed my arm with 2 long plates across my forearm and with pins everywhere... the x-ray itself was traumatizing. I was lucky to have my arm! More importantly, I was very lucky that my brain stopped bleeding and healed. 

It's been 3 months since and I'm still on the road to recovery. I'm a professional guitarist so not being able to play has been so depressing but thanks to my physio I'm slowly getting back.  I'm not allowed to drive either due to the brain injury until im fully recovered.

This has been the craziest moment in life... I never believed I would be the one in the situation that I am. I guess everyone who has an accident would say that same thing.

Anyways, if your gonna ride a motorbike, dont ride at night. And watch out for the bad drivers.

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1 Response Mar 17, 2009

I had a relatively small accident yesterday. I can just imagine the feeling one gets when something bigger happens.